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Latest Headlines

Experian faces class actions following T-Mobile customer data breach

Credit card data firm Experian said that it has received an unnamed number of class actions, presumably lawsuits, since it disclosed last month the personal information of around 15 million people who applied for T-Mobile US' services had been hacked. Experian also said it is booking a $20 million charge related to the incident.

Sprint maintains WiMAX network for 2 nonprofits, may incur up to $225M in costs for overall shutdown

Sprint went ahead and shut down its mobile WiMAX network on Friday except in the markets around the country where it was ordered by a judge in Massachusetts to keep it running for two nonprofit groups that are locked in a contract dispute with the carrier. Meanwhile, Sprint disclosed it will incur as much as $225 million in costs related to the shutdown of Clearwire's legacy WiMAX network.

Judge orders Sprint not to shut down parts of WiMAX network for 90 days

A state judge in Massachusetts delayed Sprint's plans to shut down Clearwire's legacy mobile WiMAX network in 75 cities across the country by 90 days. In doing so, the judge sided with two nonprofits that had sued the carrier, alleging that Sprint violated their contract by pushing them to accept LTE service that would have throttled their customers' speeds after 6 GB of data usage.

Updated: Sprint plans to shut down WiMAX network tomorrow, says only a small percentage remain on network

Sprint plans to shutter tomorrow the mobile WiMAX network it inherited when it bought Clearwire in 2013, and the carrier said only a small percentage of customers remain on the WiMAX network after a long campaign by Sprint to get customers to switch to its LTE network.

Sprint to pay $2.95M to settle FTC charges that it did not tell subs with lower credit why it was charging them more

Sprint agreed to pay $2.95 million in civil penalties to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that the carrier failed to properly alert consumers with lower credit scores that they were being placed in a special program and charged an extra monthly fee.

Sprint must face $300M lawsuit for underpaid taxes in New York

Sprint cannot get away from a $300 million fraud lawsuit filed by the New York attorney general and will need to face it in court. 

Nonprofits using WiMAX sue Sprint, alleging violation of contracts ahead of network shutdown

Sprint is facing a lawsuit from two nonprofit groups that have been providing mobile WiMAX Internet service to low-income students and families. The groups allege that they had been offering unlimited WiMAX service to more than 300,000 customers, and with Sprint's impending shutdown of the legacy Clearwire WiMAX network next month, are being pushed to accept LTE data service that will throttle the speeds of customers after they hit a cap of 6 GB of data, in violation of their contract with Sprint.

Judge largely lets Berkeley's cell phone radiation warning ordinance stand, beating back CTIA lawsuit

The city of Berkeley, Calif., largely prevailed in a preliminary legal fight against CTIA over an ordinance that would require retailers selling cell phones to post a notice about safety and health concerns from radiofrequency radiation emitted by phones. A federal judge said the city needed to take out a sentence about the risk to children, but the ordinance was largely upheld by the judge.

AT&T sues former employees for scheme to distribute hundreds of thousands of unlock codes for phones

AT&T Mobility filed a lawsuit against three former employees who allegedly were paid tens of thousands of dollars to place malware on company computers to illegally help transmit hundreds of thousands of AT&T unlock codes out of the carrier's system.  

LightSquared reports progress on settlement talks with Deere, Trimble, but not with Garmin

LightSquared and GPS firms Trimble and Deere have made some progress on settlement talks on the litigation between them in recent weeks, but the wireless firm and Garmin are still at an impasse, suggesting that the road ahead to a détente with the GPS industry will not be an easy one for LightSquared.