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Latest Headlines

DOJ: Sprint overcharged government $21M for facilitating wiretaps

The U.S. government accused Sprint for over-charging by as much as 50 percent for court-ordered wiretaps the carrier provided to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Drug Enforcement Administration and other law-enforcement agencies.

T-Mobile accuses AT&T's Aio of stealing its distinctive magenta color

T-Mobile US filed a lawsuit against AT&T Mobility's Aio Wireless prepaid brand, accusing the brand of stealing T-Mobile's magenta color, which it has trademarked, in an effort to confuse and steal away T-Mobile customers.

TracFone's Straight Talk, Walmart sued over unlimited data claim

América Móvil's U.S. MVNO TracFone Wireless and Walmart, which sells TracFone's Straight Talk brand, were sued in a proposed class action lawsuit in federal court in California, with the plaintiffs alleging that the companies falsely advertise Straight Talk as providing unlimited data service when the plans actually throttle users' speeds.

Dish's Ergen singles out T-Mobile as potential wireless M&A partner

Dish Network Chairman Charlie Ergen held out hope that Dish could partner with erstwhile acquisition target Sprint and said T-Mobile US is probably the last wireless remaining partner Dish could pursue a merger or acquisition with.

Sprint sues to block Dish's takeover of Clearwire

Sprint Nextel sued both Dish Network and partner Clearwire to block Dish's proposed $4.40 per share takeover bid of Clearwire. Clearwire said last week that its board recommended that shareholders approve Dish's offer over Sprint's $3.40 per bid to take control of Clearwire, but Sprint has argued Dish's offer is "not actionable."

T-Mobile's MetroPCS drops net neutrality lawsuit, leaving Verizon to challenge rules alone

Now that it's owned by T-Mobile US, MetroPCS has decided to drop its lawsuit against the FCC's net neutrality rules for wireless and wired networks, leaving Verizon Wireless as the sole challenger to the rules.

Apple can't ban Samsung's U.S. products, judge rules

A U.S. judge denied Apple's bid to ban some of Samsung Electronics' mobile devices from sale in the United States, handing Apple a defeat after it received a $1.05 billion jury award against Samsung this summer. Separately, the judge, U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh, denied Samsung's request for a new trial.

Apple offered to license its patents to Samsung- for $30 per smartphone

Apple offered to license its patents to Samsung Electronics if Samsung would pay $30 per smartphone and $40 per tablet, despite what Apple saw as Samsung's decision to "embrace and imitate" its iPhone, according to court documents.

Sprint faces SEC probe over tax collection practices

Sprint Nextel received a subpoena from the Securities and Exchange Commission related to an investigation of Sprint's tax collection, which comes a few months after New York State sued Sprint for $300 million for deliberately underpaying state sales taxes for seven years in order to keep its prices down.

Apple vs. Samsung trial kicks off with testimony from original iPhone designer

The much anticipated patent-infringement trial between Apple and Samsung Electronics began yesterday with lawyers for each side staking out familiar claims--Apple argued that Samsung copied its iPhone and Samsung argued Apple could not claim a "monopoly on a rectangle."