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Latest Headlines

Broadcom, IndoorAtlas make indoor-location pitches

Companies large and small continue developing indoor-location solutions as they make a play for what they hope will develop into a lucrative market for tracking users of portable communications devices. However, there are early indications that some users may want to gain more control over their location information, potentially throwing a monkey wrench into the vision for how location-based services might work.

Berg Insight: Location-based service revenues to reach €2.3B in Europe by 2018

Mobile location-based service (LBS) revenues in Europe are forecast to grow from €735 million in 2013 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 25.8 per cent to reach €2.3 billion in 2018.

Nokia exec: 'Indoor navigation has not panned out as planned'

A move by handset makers to a "less is more" strategy may impact the inclusion of pressure sensors and other sensors in smartphones, said a top Nokia executive.

Mapillary working on crowdsourced mapping via smartphone photos

A startup called Mapillary wants to put smartphone users to work enhancing the world's view of streets and other parts of the earth that are not currently viewable on Google's Street View.

Micro-location is an attractive but fast-moving target

Indoor positioning technologies and related location-based services (LBS) will be a major topic of discussion at the 2014 Mobile World Congress later this month, and the market outlook is pointing to significant growth opportunities.

Apple iBeacon could point to where location-based apps are going

Apple's iBeacon technology is already being seen by some experts as having a transformative effect on the retail sector and beyond. It could also represent Apple's response to those who have wondered if the company would ever adopt Near Field Communications technology in iPhones. Special report.

Gowex's shared Wi-Fi hotspot model employs social networking, advertising

Madrid-based Gowex, which offers free municipal Wi-Fi service in some 80 cities worldwide, launched what it is calling a new social Wi-Fi network in New York City, which the company hopes will lead to more partnerships with mobile and fixed broadband providers.

Bytelight's LED-based positioning platform attracts $3M in funding

Indoor positioning based upon LED visble light spectrum gained a vote of confidence as ByteLight closed a $3 million Series A round of funding contributed by institutional and individual investors.

Voluntary code would let shoppers opt out of tracking

As concerns grow regarding the capabilities and potential uses, or misuses, of positioning technologies, a U.S. lawmaker has rolled out a voluntary code of conduct designed to ensure consumers can opt-out of having retailers track their movements via their cell phones.

Locata's GPS technology takes the confusion out of indoor positioning

Accurate positioning indoors and across dense urban environments is the ultimate heart's desire for any location-based services company, and a new antenna design undergoing U.S. Air Force testing appears to hold promise for providing more reliable tracking in areas, including the inside of buildings, where GPS signals are less reliable.