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Latest Headlines

Alca-Lu banks on surging mobile internet for recovery

Alcatel-Lucent CEO, Ben Verwaayen, believes that the eventual success of his struggling company will be driven by operators expanding their mobile internet capabilities. He claimed at last week's

Cracks appearing in Alca-Lu's continued optimism

When Ben Verwaayen became CEO of Alcatel-Lucent Alca-Lu in 2008 he promised to turn around the unprofitable company in three years. However, financial analysts are beginning to question his

4G World Preview: Sword of consolidation hangs over mobile WiMAX vendors

As the market for mobile WiMAX technology settles, and the opportunities and drawbacks become clearer, analysts and industry players generally agree that the number of mobile WiMAX equipment vendors

4G World Preview: Sword of consolidation hangs over mobile WiMAX vendors – page 2

Previous page Jean-Pierre Lartigue, marketing and strategy vice president for the wireless product division of Alcatel-Lucent (which is exhibiting at 4G World in booth 411), said the company's

Jarich: What was hot (or not) at Mobile World Congress

For the past few years, I've come home blurry-eyed from the GSMA's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and (after swearing off tapas and cured meats for a while) worked with our analysts to put

China looking to boost global economy with 3G license awards

Here comes China to the rescue in the midst of a global financial crisis. Last week Li Yizhong, minister for industry and information technology, finally announced after a six-year delay that the

Alcatel-Lucent CEO: Cut jobs, manage technology

Alcatel-Lucent CEO Ben Verwaayen, speaking at length with media and analysts for the first time since assuming the office in September, outlined a path to profitability that inevitably includes the

Alcatel-Lucent boss to reveal his vision of the future Dec. 12

Having thought about it since October, new Alcatel-Lucent CEO Ben Verwaayen will reveal his strategic plan for the powerful, albeit limping, telecom vendor, when he hosts a conference Dec. 12,

Alca-Lu names Verwaayen CEO

It took Alcatel-Lucent just two months to secure a new leadership team. The company today announced that former British Telecom executive Ben Verwaayen will replace Patricia Russo as CEO of the firm

Alca-Lu ready to name a new CEO?

Is former Alcatel-Lucent President Mike Quigley ready to return to his one-time employer? Quigley, who was an early architect of the Alcatel-Lucent merger, has been picked by the company's nomination