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Latest Headlines

Ubuntu chief Shuttleworth on how the smartphone OS will jump the 'app gap'

BARCELONA, Spain--It's no secret that smartphone operating systems success or failure depends upon the types of applications they can offer to users. Apple centered much of its initial iOS and iPhone advertising on the idea that "there's an app for that." And Android proponents often point to the fact that the total number of apps designed for Android is now on par with the total number of apps built for Apple's iOS.

Meizu, bq to sell Ubuntu phones in 2014, platform a 'credible alternative' to Android

Chinese electronics company Meizu and Spanish phone maker bq said they will sell smartphones running Canonical's Ubuntu operating system this year. Further, overseas wireless carriers Portugal Telecom, Three, Telecom Italia, Smart and Smartfren (Indonesia) voiced their support for the platform.

Ubuntu phones to hit the market in October

Smartphones running Canonical's Linux-based computer operating system Ubuntu will be available to customers beginning in October, earlier than the company had previously expected.