Metro PCS is the fifth largest facilities-based wireless telecommunications provider in the U.S. measured by the number of subscribers served. MetroPCS offers wireless broadband services to selected major metropolitan areas in the U.S. and provides a variety of wireless communications services to subscribers on a no long-term contract, paid-in-advance basis. As of December 31, 2010, it had over 8.1 million subscribers. In April 2007, MetroPCS Communications consummated an initial public offering of its common stock and became listed for trading on The New York Stock Exchange under the symbol "PCS." As of December 31, 2010, it held licenses for wireless spectrum covering a total population of approximately 142 million people in and around many of the largest metropolitan areas in the U.S. In addition, MetroPCS has roaming agreements with other wireless carriers that allows it to offer customers service in many areas when they are outside our service area. These roaming agreements, together with the area it serves with its own networks, allows its customers to receive service in an area covering over 280 million in total population under the Metro USA brand. Metro PCS provides its services using code division multiple access, or CDMA, networks using 1xRTT technology and, in all but one major metropolitan area, long term evolution, or 4G LTE, technology. It introduced the first commercial 4G LTE service in the United States in its Las Vegas and Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan areas in September 2010 and launched the world's first dual mode 4G LTE/CDMA handset. Source: SEC Filings


Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

MetroPCS: LTE customers make up 39% of subscriber base

MetroPCS said that LTE subscribers now make up 39 percent of its subscriber base, an important figure for T-Mobile USA as that carrier ramps plans to merge its network with MetroPCS' network. The 39 percent figure is in MetroPCS' first-quarter results, which are its last as an independent company; MetroPCS shareholders voted overwhelmingly Wednesday to approve the company's merger with T-Mobile.

MetroPCS shareholders approve merger with T-Mobile USA

MetroPCS shareholders approved the company's merger with Deutsche Telekom's T-Mobile USA, clearing the final hurdle for the merger of the nation's No. 4 and 5 carriers in a move that DT hopes will strengthen its U.S. brand. DT had improved the terms of its initial offer to win over wary shareholders.

Wireless in the first quarter of 2013

How did the wireless industry perform in the first quarter  quarter of 2013? Check here throughout the first-quarter earnings report season for full earnings reports from the wireless industry's carriers, handset makers, equipment suppliers and others.

MetroPCS will use Cisco gear to transition to IPv6

MetroPCS has started to transition its mobile Internet network to IPv6 protocol technology and will use Cisco's IPv6 gear to help manage the process. The company has deployed Cisco's IPv6 solution in the core and for IP aggregation. 

Investors begin rallying around T-Mobile/MetroPCS merger

Following Deutsche Telekom's improved offer for MetroPCS shareholders earlier this week, investors in the regional, flat-rate carrier are beginning to voice their support for the combination of T-Mobile USA and MetroPCS. Specifically, MetroPCS's largest shareholder, Paulson & Co., said it now supports the transaction.

Deutsche Telekom improves offer in T-Mobile/MetroPCS merger

T-Mobile USA parent Deutsche Telekom sweetened its offer for MetroPCS shareholders less than two days before MetroPCS shareholders will vote on a merger between MetroPCS and T-Mobile. The move represents a major concession by DT to MetroPCS shareholders, which have been demanding for weeks that the company improve its offer.

Exclusive: Verizon to launch $35 prepaid plan with 500 minutes, unlimited mobile web and texting

Verizon Wireless confirmed that tomorrow the carrier will launch a prepaid plan that includes 500 minutes and unlimited mobile web and texting. The plan will go for $35 per month and will only be available on basic phones.

DT could delay T-Mobile/MetroPCS vote if initial tally comes in short

As T-Mobile USA parent Deutsche Telekom hurtles toward an April 12 meeting where MetroPCS shareholders will vote on a merger with T-Mobile, it has one distinct advantage: it gets to count the votes.

Deutsche Telekom: We won't change T-Mobile/MetroPCS merger terms

Deutsche Telekom denied a  Reuters  report that said the company is considering changing the terms of T-Mobile USA's proposed merger with flat-rate player MetroPCS, whose shareholders will vote on the deal April 12.

T-Mobile reverses branded customers losses, posts 3,000 net additions in Q1

In preliminary subscriber figures for the first quarter of 2013, T-Mobile USA managed to reverse its "branded customer" losses, recording a net gain of 3,000 branded customers during the period. The figure is notable considering T-Mobile reported a loss of 349,000 branded customers in the previous quarter and the loss of 262,000 branded customers in the year-ago quarter.