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Latest Headlines

Icahn flees the Yahoo! coop

Saying that the company's board does not need "to have an activist on the Board of Yahoo," outspoken financier Carl Icahn made it official that he has resigned from Yahoo!'s board. By resigning from

Google, MS strike search deals with Twitter

Google and Microsoft both announced a brace of social networking deals with Facebook and Twitter at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco yesterday.   Both have stru

Unofficial Windows Mobile 6.5.1 builds surface on web

Just weeks after Microsoft released Windows Mobile 6.5 to resoundingly negative reviews, a series of unofficial hacks and builds--collectively and unofficially dubbed WinMo 6.5.1--have surfaced on

Microsoft begins restoring Sidekick users' contacts

Microsoft has started restoring some of T-Mobile USA Sidekick users' contact information following a server failure that left some users without any of their personal data. However, the company said

Ballmer says Windows Mobile 7 must 'kill'

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said the software giant understands it must make significant strides with the forthcoming Windows Mobile 7 operating system, scheduled for release in 2010. Speaking last

News In Brief: Acer, Microsoft, Google, Motorola, RIM, Alca-Lu, Joost

Acer will launch an Android based smartphone and a netbook in December. The Liquid smartphone, will be the first to market with version 1.6 of Android, due in December.

Microsoft: We have recovered most T-Mobile Sidekick data

Microsoft said that it had been able to recover most, if not all, of the personal data that Sidekick users lost in a recent outage. The company said that it will begin restoring the data as soon as

Microsoft, Alca-Lu make smart grid plays

Competition in the nascent “smart grid” industry is heating up, with Microsoft and Alcatel-Lucent yesterday both making moves aimed at strengthening their presence in the market.

T-Mobile USA hopeful about recovering users' Sidekick data

In the wake of data storage and connectivity problems, T-Mobile USA said it may be possible to recover some users' missing Sidekick data. The carrier, in the midst of a public relations mess

We may be able to recover Sidekick data: T-Mobile

T-Mobile may be able to recover much of the data lost during last week's Sidekick debacle, the company has announced.   But it may be too late to prevent the damag