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News In Brief: Vodafone, Apple, Microsoft, Pacnet, Cable&Wireless, Google, NBN, BT

The UK's Supreme Court has refused an appeal by Vodafone against a £2.2 billion tax bill from the UK government.

Top stories of 2009: Honorable mentions

As we take a look at our top stories of 2009 this week, there were a number of other stories during the year that didn't quite fit into the broader areas encompassing our top five, but which should

Intel slammed with anti-comp charges from FTC

Intel has been slapped with anti-competitive suit by the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC), which claims that the company has illegally used its dominant market position for a decade to stifle comp

Microsoft shuts down 'stolen' microblogging site in China

Microsoft has indefinitely suspended its new microblogging service in China, MSN Juku, following allegations that a significant part of the code was lifted from Canadian startup Plurk.

Wait till late next year for Windows Mobile 7

While most of the analysis on Google's forthcoming Nexus One branded Android smartphone emphasizes the company's escalating rivalry with Apple, it's also worth considering how far the gap between

THE WRAP: More Nokia cuts, and another delay in India

This week the telecom industry went on a continuous loop as Nokia made more cuts, India again delayed its 3G auction and more Nortel parts were snapped up.

News Corp.'s challenge to Google

In a bid to loosen Google's dominance over online news, News Corp.

Microsoft appoints new CFO

Microsoft CFO Chris Liddell will leave the company at the end of 2009, the software firm announced Tuesday.   He will be replaced by Peter Klein, CFO of the compan

Murdoch, MS target Google with paid search deal

Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp.

LinkedIn opens platform to developers

LinkedIn has opened up its business platform to third- party developers in a move hoped to encourage integration of the professional social network into other business apps and websites.