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Latest Headlines

Verizon creates FiOS web mail

Verizon Communications has hired Laszlo Systems to create Verizon-branded Web mail software and applications that will be extended to the carrier's FiOS customers. The Web mail offering is designed

March of the penguin

Linux needs a sugar daddy. So says HTC CEO Peter Chou, who argues that despite the recent growth of Linux-based handsets, the OS needs a long-term cooperation partner--someone exactly like HTC

Giants tussle over office apps

Microsoft just announced one-click capability for Microsoft Windows Live customers to install Microsoft office applications over the Internet, one of the latest moves in the evolution of software as

Motorola makes IPTV progress

First, Motorola tried to recreate the RAZR in order to save itself, and just last week the company said it would now stay away from such

Microsoft releases Silverlight

Microsoft last week announced the official release of

SPOTLIGHT: A gPhone drilldown

BusinessWeek has an interesting feature covering the various forms a Google-branded handset or mobile offering could take. Will it just be a mobile platform like a Symbian or Windows Mobile OS? And

ALSO NOTED: Microsoft may be working on a Zune phone; Alvarion chosen for Russian WiMAX deployments; and much more...

> Champaign, Ill., is getting an outdoor WiFi solution using adaptive beam forming smart antennas from NextWave's Go Networks.

RIM Rumors and News Round Up

The blogosphere is churning with RIM rumors as analysts stirred up controversy (and stock prices) this week when they posited that conditions were right for Microsoft to acquire the Blackberry

ALSO NOTED: Nokia's N-Gage, again; Yahoo Mail's SMS; and much more...

> Nokia's all set to launch the N-Gage platform. Again and again.

'Coopetition' guides Cisco, Microsoft

The term "coopetition" (when competitors acknowledged they might need to partner to address a customer need) always seemed to me a defense mechanism telecom companies invoked when faced with the