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Latest Headlines

Microsoft's Windows Mobile: Time to hang up?

Since the early days of the smartphone market in the '90s, Microsoft has been a key player.

Why Apple is more valuable than Google

Now that Apple has once again passed Google in market value, can the consumer-electronics maker maintain its lead?

Google's Chrome OS is no threat to apps stores... yet

You know by now that Google wants to crack the operating system market with Chrome OS.

Can Microsoft woo iPhone developers to Windows Mobile?

Five months after officially announcing its Windows Marketplace for Mobile application storefront, Microsoft last week began accepting software submissions for the store. Writing on the Windows

Rumor Mill: Should Microsoft buy Palm?

Speculation that Palm will be scooped up by a well-capitalized tech company has intensified since the well-received release of the Palm Pre and the company's new operating system, webOS. While most

Microsoft, Yahoo finally do deal on search

Microsoft and Yahoo have finally reached a search agreement, in a deal which will see Microsoft power Yahoo search while Yahoo will manage the ad sales. The companies said they could implement the arrangement within 24 months if the deal gains regulatory approval.

Microhoo alliance faces tough competitors in Asia

Yahoo and Microsoft have announced a deal that brings to an end a very long period of speculation and discussion. It is long overdue.

SureWest plans IPTV over ADSL2+, switches to Mediaroom

Independent telco SureWest Communications, which has made its reputation as an IPTV service provider mostly over fiber-to-the-home architectures, is now set to launch IPTV over bonded ADSL2+ in its

Windows Marketplace for Mobile accepting app submissions

Microsoft announced it is now accepting application submissions for its forthcoming Windows Marketplace for Mobile virtual storefront. Writing on the Windows Mobile Blog, Microsoft's Senior Director

Microsoft attempts to appease Europe

Microsoft has issued a fresh proposal to European competition regulators in a bid to end the tussle over competitive issues threatening sales of the Internet Explorer web browser.