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Latest Headlines

Google's voice search service

Google quietly launched 800-Goog-411, a free voice-based directory search service that can recognize speech and read results over the phone or

Microsoft bows mobile browser, Deepfish

Hoping, perhaps, to compete with the iPhone's cool "pinching" interface, Microsoft has taken the wraps off of its own solution for handheld web browsing, called (oddly enough) Deepfish.

MS buys Tellme Networks

Microsoft acquired speech-to-text service Tellme for a reported $800 million. The company is perhaps best known for its voice-driven mobile

.NET CF 2.0 SP2 released

Microsoft has released Service Pack 2 for.NET Compact Framework. It

Microsoft buys Tellme Networks

Microsoft bought into the mobile voice recognition market, acquiring Tellme Networks for an undisclosed sum. Tellme's technology is used in dial-in applications that can be incorporated into

.NET CF v2 SP2 compatibility forecast

The Microsoft.NET CF team has posted the results of its backwards compatibility tests against version 2 SP2. The team found a few quirks, but it looks like most

Microsoft WM6 SDKs ready for download

Despite an early false start, the Windows Mobile 6 SDKs (yes, that's right, it still looks like the PPC and Smartphone SDKs are two separate installs) are available now from

Why Voda chose MS IM over open IM

The Register dug out a 3GSM announcement Microsoft quietly made last week: Vodafone has chosen the company to host its IM traffic. That's a death blow for the GSMA initiative launched at

Microsoft releases Windows Mobile 6

Windows Mobile 6 (Crossbow) is out. I've already written about some of the benefits for developers, but now MSDN has a

QUICKLINKS: Nokia debuts DVB-H phone/mini-computer; Non-phone PDAs continue to lose market share.; Much more...

Nokia debuts DVB-H phone/mini-computer. FierceWireless Non-phone PDAs continue to lose