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Latest Headlines

BT markets Microsoft cloud services

BT has secured a deal with Microsoft to deliver integrated cloud computing and unified solutions services to its business customers.  BT is the first carrier selected to resell the Microsoft Online Service suite to enterprise organizations.

News In Brief: Microsoft, netbooks, Denmark, HP, Google

Microsoft is considering developing a handheld gaming device or mobile handset based on its Xbox brand.   Around 418 million users will be using netbooks and laptops to access th

Microsoft to launch free web-based Office suite

Microsoft will launch a free, web-based version of its Office suite in its answer to competitors such as Google Docs. Office Web Applications will contain slightly stripped-down web browser versions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote, Microsoft said.

News In Brief: F-Secure, O2, Twitter, Virgin Media, Google, Microsoft

F-Secure has acquired Bordeaux-based SaaS firm Steek, for Euro 27.5 million, the company announced Monday. Steek provides software for online storage and data management solutions for telcos, enabling consumers to store and manage personal digital content across PCs and mobile phones.

Microsoft Silverlight 3.0 leaves beta

Microsoft moved version 3.0 of its Silverlight streaming video and rich media plug-in out of beta testing Thursday a day before it was set to launch officially in San Francisco, according to reports.

News In Brief: Microsoft, Vodafone, Telenor, Alcatel-Lucent

The EU has halted plans to introduce a new tax on mobile phones that would have raised retail prices, Reuters said.   Microsoft’s new Bing search enginewill

Searching matters

There's movement in the search business, and about time. For a sector so technology driven, it's been remarkably predictable. Yahoo, the number two player, has publicly given up on trying to catch Google. But that won't stop others from trying.

With the dawn of the superphone, where is Microsoft? Page 2

Previous page There are a number of reasons IDC believes Microsoft has not yet had that iconic device: 1. What the key players listed above have in common is control: control of the device and the

With the dawn of the superphone, where is Microsoft?

Over the past two years spawned by Apple's iPhone, a new class of iconic, need-to-have, shiny converged mobile devices (or smartphones) have come on to the scene that have had a profound impact on

News In Brief: Microsoft, Sony, Huawei, NSN, Daisy, France Telecom

Microsoft has appointed Morgan Stanley to sell off its digital agency Razorfish. Microsoft acquired the agency as part of its 2007 purchase of aQuantive for EURO $4 billion. It is understood that Publicis Groupe is a likely buyer.