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SMS patent suit targets 131 companies

Technology Patents has filed a lawsuit against 131 companies that alleges they infringed on patents covering international text messaging. Technology Patents has named Microsoft, Yahoo, Motorola,

Study shows untapped mobile broadband PC market

Research from the GSM Association and Microsoft suggests significant demand for mobile broadband embedded notebooks exists at the right form factor, price and out-of-the-box connectivity. The GSMA

On the Hot Seat with Morgan Gillis

FierceWireless editor Brian Dolan and DailyTechRag editor Mehan Jayasuriya recently interviewed Morgan Gillis, the executive director of the LiMo Foundation to discuss the ramifications of Google's

Symbian on the defensive

  Symbian on the defensive Google's intention to build an open platform for mobile phones has garnered both high praise and dismissive comments from various segments of the wireless industry. Even

Five years of negotiation lands Microsoft $500M contract

Five years of discussions finally saw Indian communications giant Reliance sign up to Microsoft's IPTV software, MediaRoom for a cool $500 million. The contract was an important win for

India's Reliance bets on Microsoft TV

Reliance Communications of India, which is planning to roll out IPTV services beginning next spring, said it will use Microsoft's MediaRoom IPTV platform, a deployment that Microsoft has valued at

Facebook sells stake to Microsoft, partners with RIM

Microsoft acquired a 1.6 percent stake in social networking service Facebook for $240 million, a deal that values the website at $15 billion. Microsoft will now sell Internet ads across the Facebook

QUICKLINKS: Microsoft's next wireless push courts the enterprise; Palm closes 25 percent sale to Elevation Partners;

> Microsoft's next wireless push courts the enterprise. FierceWireless > Palm closes

Microsoft IPTV Xbox revealed

Sometimes tech PR just does not go to plan. There was lots of excitement over the weekend in the game blogosphere when one of their tipsters sent in

Microsoft pays $240 million for Facebook piece

There are a bunch of amazing metrics from this story alone: Microsoft said it will pay $240 million for a tiny 1.6% stake in Facebook, a deal that would correspondingly value Facebook at $15 billion