Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Microsoft to refocus Soapbox video site

Microsoft is giving up trying to chase YouTube directly by re-purposing Soapbox, a competing user-generated video site, as a place for citizen journalists and bloggers to submit videos on relevant

iPhone 3GS' 'lack of innovation' hides true assets

Apple’s faithful may be disappointed with the iPhone 3GS’s apparent failure to move the smartphone goalposts, but the refinement of the device through continual software platform evolution remains a key differentiator that others

Xbox: Intriguing friend, foe to telco TV

When looking back at last week's Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles, it's hard to argue that announcements with telco TV implications took center stage. After all, the two surviving

Microsoft issues Windows Mobile 6.5 Developer Toolkit

Microsoft released its Windows Mobile 6.5 Developer Toolkit, offering documentation, sample code, emulator images and tools to Visual Studio to enable programmers to build applications for its

News In Brief: Microsoft, China Telecom, Google, T-Mobile, GSMA, Iridium

Microsoft has launched   a mobile version of its new Bing search engine at m.bing.com

Notes from a busy week

It's been a pretty busy week in IPTV, telco TV and all the other TV service provider segments we touch upon. Here are some quick thoughts on just a few of this week's headlines:--Microsoft used

News In Brief: Sprint, Nokia, Microsoft, Dell

US carrier Sprint Nextel has announced   it will offer a tri-mode CDMA/WiFi/Wimax handset, and said it may launch its Wimax network in more markets than previously d

Microsoft unveils new search engine- Bing


China Mobile seeks 50% of app store sales

China Mobile is seeking a 50% cut of all sales from its soon-to-launch Mobile Market app store. “China Mobile wants at least 50% of the revenues and the rest goes to the developer,” a source from Shanghai Mobile, a China Mobile subsidiary, told TelecomAsia.net. By contrast, Apple, Android and Microsoft all take just a 30% cut.

Server virtualization slims Microsoft Mediaroom model

Microsoft is in the process of improving its Mediaroom IPTV platform in a way that could prove to be hugely significant to small telcos and other service providers that may have balked in the past at