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Latest Headlines

Set-top box market destined to decline

The global market for set-top boxes (STBs) for IPTV and other services may still have a few years of growth left, but after 2012, annual STB shipments probably will begin to decline, according to a

Talking with Microsoft about its mobile future

With 2009 looming on the horizon, the biggest question mark in mobile software is Microsoft. With competitive pressures mounting and rivals like Apple, Google and Nokia generating the lion's share of

Verizon, Microsoft closer to search deal

Verizon Wireless and Microsoft are close to a deal that will make Microsoft the default search engine for most Verizon phones, edging out Microsoft's rival Google, according to a report in the Wall

Microsoft adds Envivio, Harmonic to Mediaroom ecosystem

Microsoft is announcing in conjunction with TelcoTV 2008 that the number of households worldwide using its Mediaroom software has doubled in less than a year to more than 2 million homes with about 4

Microsoft hints at Windows Mobile app retail plans

Speaking last week at the Liberation Day developers event in Sydney, Australia, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer hinted the software giant is poised to launch a mobile application retail platform modeled

Microsoft courts Verizon in search deal

Microsoft is trying to pry Verizon Wireless away from its rival Google in a deal revolving around which company's search engine is the standard on most of Verizon's phones, according to a report in

FCC approves white spaces, creates interference restrictions

WASHINGTON--Ushering in a new era of wireless communications, the FCC voted Tuesday to approve the unlicensed use of TV white space spectrum for wireless applications and devices. However, the FCC

Doors close on open-source speculation

After all the attention lavished on Google's Linux-based Android mobile OS as well as the excitement generated by Nokia's summertime announcement it would acquire the remaining shares of mobile

Microsoft, LG to collaborate on converged devices

Microsoft and LG announced a memorandum of understanding that ties the two companies further together on mobile devices. The agreement calls for greater collaboration on research and development,

FCC commissioner optimistic white-space will pass

FCC Commissioner Robert McDowell said he was "optimistic" the commission would approve the use of white-space spectrum for unlicensed wireless applications and devices when it meets Nov. 4. "I'm very