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Latest Headlines

Rumor: 3GSM launch for Windows Mobile 6

According to rumors, Windows Mobile 6 (aka Crossbow) will be released this month at 3GSM. The root of the rumors appears to be the discovery of an MSDN listing

Editor's Corner

Windows Mobile Crossbow Last week I mentioned a rumor that a build of

SQL Server 2005: Compact Edition

SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition is a lightweight database server that runs in-process on both Windows desktops and Windows Mobile devices. Microsoft has posted a runtime, an SDK

Nortel and Microsoft take aim at Cisco

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and Mike Zafirovski, the chief executive of troubled telecom-equipment maker Nortel Networks, unveiled on Jan. 17 the first fruits of their six-month-old partnership.

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> Is it the right time to upgrade your WiFi router? Analysts say wait. > Farpoint's Craig Mathias loves benchmarking, ad

XNA: Make your own XBOX games in 10 steps

XNA Game Studio Express is Microsoft’s game developer kit for homebrew and hobbyist developers and is available as a free download. (Learn more about XNA Game Studio.) Express includes a basic

Preview: Windows Mobile 6

Windows Mobile 6 (a.k.a. Crossbow) is scheduled to appear on new devices in the first half of 2007. WM6 will feature strong integration with Office 2007 and Exchange 12 (and

Vista's WiFi "sleep" mode problematic

When a product manager for a large company writes that the product will have certain functions, customers take note. Who better to know? This was the case a week ago when Windows Vista product

Siemens's HiPath Wireless manager integrated with NAP

Here is good news on the security front: Unstrung 's Dan Jones reports that Siemens has integrated its HiPath Wireless manager software with Microsoft's network access protection (NAP)

SPOTLIGHT: Zune is here

Bryan Lee, corporate vice president for the entertainment business at Microsoft, said: "There were no walls and no barriers. That was the physical aspect and emotional aspect." He was referring to