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Latest Headlines

SPOTLIGHT: Zune is here

Bryan Lee, corporate vice president for the entertainment business at Microsoft, said: "There were no walls and no barriers. That was the physical aspect and emotional aspect." He was referring to

Windows Mobile security flaw

Analyst Jack Gold claims to have identified a potentially serious flaw in the way data is secured on

Detailed info on Microsoft's DirectPush

The Technology at Play blog has an amazingly detailed guide to Microsoft's DirectPush technology. For the uninitiated, that's

Mobilizing information services: not that easy

One good thing about Microsoft's dominance of the PC platform is that it has led to a mostly consistent platform for deploying Internet-based applications. For better or worse, this is not the

Microsoft, Yahoo launch mobile ad programs

Following Google's lead, Microsoft and Yahoo have each announced new mobile advertising

Tips for developing Windows Mobile on Vista

Mel Sampat, a program manager at Microsoft, has posted some tips for developing Windows Mobile apps with Vista as your development environment.

Nokia to integrate Microsoft Live Search

After announcing a similar deal with Yahoo last month, Nokia said it made a deal with Microsoft to

Zune phone in the works

Microsoft has confirmed that a Zune phone is in the works. Of course, it's not exactly clear what this means. Perhaps nothing more than a Microsoft-branded Windows Mobile

QUICKLINKS: Motorola to buy Symbol for $3.9B; New BlackBerry Pearl pictures; Much more...

Motorola to buy Symbol Technologies for $3.9 billion. Article Interview

.NET CF v2 SP1 out now

In case you missed it, Microsoft has released.NET CF v2.0 SP1. Read the blog post for details and