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Latest Headlines

Microsoft slashing 5K jobs

Microsoft announced it will make the most significant job cuts in the company's 34-year history after releasing dismal second quarter financial results. The software giant plans to eliminate up to

Microsoft sells 12-year-old Comcast stake

Here's a update on a leftover from the telecom boom, otherwise known as the 1990s: Microsoft has sold all of its shares in cable TV giant Comcast, which it purchased for about $1 billion way back in

Rumor Mill: WinMo 6.5 coming in Q3 2009

Microsoft's new upgrade of its Windows Mobile operating system, Windows Mobile 6.5, will be available for handset makers in the third quarter of 2009, according to a report in DigiTimes. The report,

Microsoft to launch WinMo app store next month?

Microsoft is poised to introduce a series of new mobile services including its long-awaited SkyMarket application storefront at next month's Mobile World Congress trade event in Barcelona, where the

Xbox IPTV chatter getting louder

I moderated a panel session on IPTV content at CES 2009 last week, but one of the topics our panelists-and audience members--quickly turned to was the death of the traditional set-top box and the

Microsoft Mediaroom arrives in China

Nixon goes to China, Microsoft Media room's IPTV platform goes to cable in China. More specifically, Guangzhou Digital Media Group is running its TV service using Mediaroom. Earlier this week,

SLIDESHOW- 2009 State of the Net event, Washington D.C.

The fifth annual "State of the Net" event brought together Congressmen, staffers, lobbyists, subject-matter experts and the media to discuss advances and policy issues affecting the Internet and

Developers open fire on IE Mobile 6 browser

Two months after Microsoft announced the availability of emulators and documentation for the Internet Explorer Mobile 6 browser, poised for release across new devices based on the software giant's

Microsoft wants Windows Mobile on fewer devices

Microsoft said it plans to improve its competitive standing in the mobile software market by enhancing its Windows Mobile operating system as well as limiting the number of devices supporting the OS.

CES 2009- Motorola opens IPTV storefront

LAS VEGAS- Motorola at CES 2009 is demonstrating new updates to its Communications Convergence Engine software that enables new options for bundling and marketing IPTV features and other offerings.