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Latest Headlines

Microsoft's Azure cloud drifts in

At its Professional Developer's Conference on Monday, Microsoft announced Windows Azure, its new cloud computing platform and services. The offerings will have an impact upon a number of markets,

Microsoft intensifies white-space lobbying efforts

Microsoft is launching an intensified lobbying effort to convince the FCC commissioners to support the proposal to allow white space spectrum (the spectrum that sits between airwaves currently

Sigma Designs teeters on DB's IPTV outlook

Semiconductor firm Sigma Designs saw Deutsche Bank cut its stock rating from "buy" to "hold" this week, on what Barron's Blogs said were concerns about the near-term IPTV outlook and Sigma's business

Three new video players, but different results

This week was big for player and platfom launches across sectors in online video. Joost, Brightcove and Microsoft all made significant updates to their offerings if you take the party PR line. What

Microsoft: No Silverlight for iPhone, maybe for G1

Microsoft said it was probably not going to be putting its Flash competitor Silverlight on Apple's iPhone 3G, but said it was keeping a watchful eye on Google's Android platform, and said Silverlight

Microsoft and Brightcove launch updated players

Microsoft and Brightcove both launched new versions of their popular platforms Tuesday, and blogs and news sites are already busy parsing them to see if they'll live up to expectations. Microsoft's

Microsoft rumored to eye RIM takeover bid

With Research In Motion stock in freefall from a high of $148 on the Nasdaq just four months ago to its present sub-$60 valuation, rumors are circulating the handset maker may soon find itself the

Alcatel-Lucent latest to enable targeted advertising

Microsoft and BigBand Networks both recently announced solutions to enable service providers to support targeted advertising for IPTV offerings, and now, Alcatel-Lucent has announced a new system

Will delay close WinMo's window of opportunity?

So far, seven is anything but lucky for Microsoft. The software giant has revealed to partners it will be forced to delay the release of its Windows Mobile 7 OS until at least the second half of

AT&T, Verizon: No web tracking without consent

The nation's two biggest telcos promised a Senate committee yesterday that they would not track the web usage of Internet users without definitive consent. The statements by AT&T and Verizon