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Latest Headlines

Microsoft names Lees to lead mobile unit

Microsoft will name Andrew Lees to head up its mobile division following the exit of Pieter Knook, who will take over mobile web initiatives for telecoms group Vodafone. The executive shuffling comes

Microsoft's second white spaces device breaks down

Microsoft's second white spaces device prototype broke down during testing, much like its first attempt. Microsoft's director of wireless incubation, Ian Ferrel said that the device broke down on

Microsoft snaps up Danger

Microsoft said Tuesday that it will acquire Danger, which makes Web browsing, instant messaging and other software and services that run T-Mobile's popular Sidekick device. The terms of the deal were

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> LiMo foundation unveils handsets and adds members. Article > AOL's Open Mobile

Silicon Valley goes to Washington- Again

With a major technology industry acquisition in the offing, the press is having a field day, as the tech titans again go to Washington to plead their case. The Washington Post reports lobbyists are

SPOTLIGHT: Advertising set for revolution

It is not just the content industry undergoing big-game changes. Microsoft's $46.6 billion bid for Yahoo to compete in the new digital advertising world is perhaps the most obvious sign things are

Google offers Yahoo "help"

Google is doing its best to stop Microsoft from snatching up Yahoo, the only other big-name search engine in sight. In a move to prevent Microsoft from moving forward with its $44.6 billion hostile

Breaking: Microsoft bids $45 billion for Yahoo

Microsoft has bid $45 billion for the Yahoo business in a unsolicited bid for the internet portal. The bid represents a  61 per cent premium to the Yahoo closing price of $31. The offer if

Interface is the key says Qwest's Mueller

Qwest's Ed Mueller continues to plot his own course and wants the telco to focus on developing a new interface for home digital services. In an interview with Telephony Mueller said the interface was

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> Ofcom: U.K. government and Ministry of Defense can share and trade valuable spectrum. Article > Google's Sergey Brin can't stop