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Latest Headlines

MS adds mobility features to Exchange

Microsoft will add several new mobile features to Exchange Server 2007. Mobile devices will get a slick Outlook-like interface, searchable push email and improved

BREW to support Microsoft 'Live Anywhere' gaming

Qualcomm has signed a deal with Microsoft that allows BREW developers to create games for Microsoft's Live Anywhere platform. Developers could use the technology

Easier WiFi set up in Windows Vista

WiFi equipment prices have been steadily falling, leading to cut-throat competition among WiFi vendors. The last thing they need, therefore, is the high return rate--currently at 30 percent at

Microsoft in talks to acquire Third Screen Media

We predicted that advertising via mobile phones would heat up this year, and now it looks like mobile marketing firm Third Screen Media might make some pretty hefty cash as players like Microsoft

Microsoft prepping new mobile search

Microsoft's new mobile search project, code named Wild Thing, aims to make queries easier by automatically substituting wildcards for spaces. This allows users to

Microsoft, Qualcomm partner for Windows Mobile OS

Microsoft has signed a deal with Qualcomm to port Windows Mobile to Qualcomm's CDMA chips. Both companies claim the deal will reduce development time and costs.

.NET CF V2 Service Pack 1 Data Grid control enhancements.

Microsoft's.NET CF team has added some new features and bugfixes to the Data Grid controls via a new service pack.

Microsoft releases beta of.NET Compact Framework 2.0 SP1

Microsoft has announced.NET CF 2.0 SP1 Beta 1 (whew!). SP1 includes a few new features (like

Microsoft making successor to Windows Mobile 5.0

Microsoft is developing its successor to the Windows Mobile 5.0 operating system, dubbed "Crossbow," which will contain a new mobile version of Office Communicator, an Office 2007 enterprise

Editor's Corner: HTC: Bill Gates' secret weapon

The High Tech Computer (HTC) brand may not be familiar to most consumers, but Microsoft (and Windows Mobile developers) know it well. HTC sells its phones to carriers, who rebrand them as their own.