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Latest Headlines

Editor's Corner: HTC: Bill Gates' secret weapon

The High Tech Computer (HTC) brand may not be familiar to most consumers, but Microsoft (and Windows Mobile developers) know it well. HTC sells its phones to carriers, who rebrand them as their own.

Microsoft likely seeking GSMA backing for DRM

Microsoft announced last week it would increase investments in digital rights management (DRM) to guard against piracy and support the wireless industry as more tunes, pictures and video clips are

.NET CF team's greatest developer hits

Microsoft's.NET Compact Framework team has compiled a list of " greatest hits," their most popular technical tips and tricks.

Microsoft releases Origami display emulator

Microsoft has released an emulator for Project Origami, its recently announced mobile computing platform. It is not a full emulator, but it should give developers

RIM settles with NTP for $612.5M

It's finally over! RIM has settled the patent suit with NTP for $612.5 million. A key provision of the deal is that it cannot be reversed even if

Microsoft buys MotionBridge

Microsoft has purchased MotionBridge, a mobile search provider, for an undisclosed sum. The deal will add new wireless functionality to Microsoft's Live Search

Playing politics with the poor

Talk about playing politics with the world's under privileged. Microsoft, apparently disgruntled at Nicholas Negroponte's One Laptop per Child plan to distribute $100 laptops to the world's poor

Photon: Microsoft's next mobile OS

Photon, the next version of Microsoft's mobile Windows operating system, will likely be the first to merge Smartphone and Pocket PC into one unified platform.

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New Orleans claims BellSouth withdrew donation over muni-WiFi plan. Article Microsoft, Yahoo! and

Microsoft announces mobile games push

Microsoft is planning a major push into the mobile gaming space during the next six months. The software giant will begin developing its own casual