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Latest Headlines

Juniper names Microsoft's Johnson CEO

Juniper Networks has hired 16-year Microsoft veteran Kevin Johnson as its new CEO, according to several published reports. Johnson led the software giant's online and Windows endeavors, and his

Microsoft: "We want to give our customers choice"

With Apple's iPhone 3G launch garnering so much media attention last week, Microsoft's Mobile Communications Business senior vice president Andrew Lees sat down with Dow Jones Newswires to confirm it

Microsoft Building CDN

Microsoft is investing massive amounts of cash on data center infrastructure (Cue "Darth Vader" theme). The company is building its own CDN and will likely offer managed services to corporations.

Microsoft acquires data services firm MobiComp

Microsoft announced its pending acquisition of software services firm MobiComp, which provides mobile data backup, restoration and sharing services. Financial terms were not disclosed. According to

Microsoft pushes into TV ads with Navic buy

Meeting primarly with a telco audience at NXTcomm last week, Microsoft focused its efforts on demonstrating the capabilities of its Mediaroom TV platform and discussing its latest ecosystem

NBC Gets Flamed for Vista-Only Olympic Distribution

Critics are lining up as NBC announces its online video tech for distributing Olympic coverage. NBC Olympics on the Go, from NBC and broadband media company Wavexpress, is a podcast-like service to

Is the white-space idea up in flames?

Microsoft obviously is just a software company, and no more so has that been demonstrated than in the FCC white-space testing process. Evidently all of the prototype devices it submitted to the FCC

Microsoft: FCC's tests validate white space

Despite the fact that its prototypes malfunctioned during lab tests at the FCC, Microsoft says the FCC has gathered enough valid data to show that devices can operate in the white space spectrum

Microsoft Mediaroom adds partners, reaches 2 million

Microsoft recently announced a beta version of its Mediarrom Presentation Framework, and now says that it is bringing on several new partners to its Microsoft Mediaroom IPTV ecosystem. Those partners

Microsoft debuts embedded OS for PNDs

Microsoft announced the availability of Windows Embedded NavReady 2009, the software giant's first embedded operating system developed specifically for handheld portable navigation devices. Promising