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Latest Headlines

Mediaroom enters TV streaming war

Microsoft's next upgrade of its Mediaroom software will enable the fusion of live video and web streams to the TV. The "Milwaukee" upgrade is also promising improved personalization and

Microsoft gets bumped by Alca-Lu and Telefonica

It is slightly old news but Microsoft's grip on the big European IPTV market is waning with Telecom Italia ditching Mediaroom in favor of Alcatel-Lucent's Spanish-developed middleware MiViewTV

Microsoft licenses Flash

Adobe's Flash player is emerging as the dominant mobile standard for mobile video after Microsoft and Adobe inked a licensing deal this week. The deal follows similar agreements with Nokia and

SPOTLIGHT: Yahoo to launch Flickr Video

Yahoo is expected to launch its Flickr Video site next month according to the chat at the photo sharing site's recent fourth birthday celebrations. Adding video capability to the big picture sharing

Microsoft preps Mediaroom enhancements

Microsoft reportedly is readying the next-generation version of its Mediaroom IPTV system, currently code-named Milwaukee (the city what made famous by that beer), for availability this summer. The

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> Handango, Carphone Warehouse ink retail deal. Article > Ofcom announces spectrum

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> After years of working together, Telecom Italia reportedly may not use Microsoft's Mediaroom IPTV software.

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> What wireless can learn from The Wire. Editorial > Sony Pictures announced a $232

France Telecom unit to buy Orca Interactive

France Telecom content security subsidiary Viaccess is acquiring IPTV middleware vendor Orca Interactive, based in Israel, for $21.4 million in cash. The move comes amid consolidation in the

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> Will D2C drive mass market content consumption? Editorial > Qualcomm acquires