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Is the white-space idea up in flames?

Microsoft obviously is just a software company, and no more so has that been demonstrated than in the FCC white-space testing process. Evidently all of the prototype devices it submitted to the FCC

Microsoft: FCC's tests validate white space

Despite the fact that its prototypes malfunctioned during lab tests at the FCC, Microsoft says the FCC has gathered enough valid data to show that devices can operate in the white space spectrum

Microsoft Mediaroom adds partners, reaches 2 million

Microsoft recently announced a beta version of its Mediarrom Presentation Framework, and now says that it is bringing on several new partners to its Microsoft Mediaroom IPTV ecosystem. Those partners

Microsoft debuts embedded OS for PNDs

Microsoft announced the availability of Windows Embedded NavReady 2009, the software giant's first embedded operating system developed specifically for handheld portable navigation devices. Promising

Nokia releases two email-optimized ESeries devices

Nokia has introduced two email-optimized devices from the Nokia Eseries product line. The Nokia E71 and the Nokia E66 feature a full Qwerty board and a slide-to-open design and are slated to ship in

Future still belongs to IPTV, and vice versa

IPTV progress has been relentless in the last year as several IPTV service providers around the world have surpassed the 1 million subscriber mark, or gotten closer to it. Telco IPTV services also

The real battle for the living room

Telcos and cable TV customers are tussling over who will own the TV/video pipeline into consumer living rooms, and it is fun to watch them one-up one another as the pile on the HDTV channels and make

Microsoft: No Zune phone in the cards

Despite soliciting feedback on how its Zune portable media device might more effectively interoperate with devices

Ballmer: All Media Delivery IP in a Decade

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer predicts we'll be getting all of our media through the Internet within 10 years, give or take a couple of years on either end.

Russia's Corbina aims for mid-year IPTV launch

Russia's Corbina Telecom, a subsidiary of wireless and wireline carrier giant VimpelCom, is planning to launch a Corbina TV IPTV service in Moscow and other Russian cities, as well as in the