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Latest Headlines

French parliament deputies seek tough encryption penalties against tech companies

Apple would face fines of €350,000 ($383,778) and potential jail time in France if it adopted the same stance towards opening up access to encrypted data as it currently has in the U.S., under draft laws proposed by French parliamentary deputies.

Google, Microsoft wage war of words with GE Healthcare, others over white space rules

In a long-running battle that pits Google and Microsoft against GE Healthcare, the WMTS Coalition and the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), the FCC is being asked to reconsider some of its rules for the operation of white space devices in the 600 MHz band.

Microsoft kills Android bridge project for Windows 10 to focus iOS instead

Microsoft decided to kill its Project Astoria, an initiative that was intended to build a bridge between apps developed for Android and Windows 10. Kevin Gallo, Microsoft's corporate VP of program management for the Windows developer platform team, said in a blog post that the company instead will focus its efforts on a similar program for iOS apps, called Project Islandwood.

IDC: Detachables driving tablet sales in Western Europe

In tthe fourth quarter of 2015, 2.6 million tablets with a detachable keyboard were shipped and accounted for 20 per cent of the overall tablet market in Western Europe.

Ballmer: Microsoft must 'chart a direction in mobile devices'

Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer takes current CEO Satya Nadella to task over the company's lack of direction in mobile in an interview with  Business Insider.

App developer: 'Don't start developing apps for Windows 10'

Coder Nikolaus Gebhardt is encouraging app developers to stop creating apps for Windows 10, but why? Here's what you need to know.

Microsoft's Lumia smartphone sales tumble 57%, to just 4.5M units

Microsoft lost even more ground in mobile during its most recent quarter, posting a whopping 57 percent drop in Lumia sales year-over-year. The company sold only 4.5 million Lumia devices during the quarter, down from 10.5 million during the final quarter of 2014.

A tale of two cloud providers: Amazon's miss on sales sends stocks down, while Microsoft's Azure soars

Retail giant Amazon, despite touting a 51 percent annual boost in new subscribers to its Prime membership program-- which includes online video streaming-- completely missed analyst estimates for sales in the fourth quarter of 2015. The company saw earnings per share of $1 on $35.75 billion in sales, well below forecast EPS of $1.56. Meanwhile, its cloud streaming competitor Microsoft posted EPS of 78 cents on $25.7 billion in revenue for its fiscal second-quarter 2016, well above Wall Street estimates.

Report: Microsoft delays Windows 10 Mobile rollout for Windows 8 users

Users of devices running Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 will have to wait a little longer to upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile.

Gates-backed Kymeta wants to use satellites to connect cars

A Redmond, Wash., company that has the backing of Bill Gates says there is no need to wait for the next generation of wireless to come around for the connected car: It can use satellite connectivity.