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Latest Headlines

Microsoft is developing an LTE data SIM for Windows 10

Microsoft is testing a cellular data app that will enable Windows 10 devices to access LTE networks without a contract, according to The Verge. The app is available for download in Windows Store, the report notes, but Microsoft has yet to announce it or discuss plans for any service.

Samsung looks to IoT, with Microsoft, as Q4 earnings lag

Samsung Electronics posted preliminary fourth-quarter profits that fell well short of analysts' expectations, providing more evidence that growth in the worldwide smartphone market is slowing substantially. And the manufacturer is hoping the emergence of the IoT can ease its financial woes.

T-Mobile joins AT&T in supporting Windows 10 by offering Alcatel's new Fierce XL smartphone

T-Mobile US announced in the coming weeks it will sell the new Windows 10 Fierce XL smartphone built by Alcatel OneTouch, the handset brand of Chinese electronics maker TCL. T-Mobile will sell the phone for $139.99, or for $5.67 per month for 24 months.

Microsoft delays upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft has reportedly delayed pushing a Windows 10 Mobile upgrade to some existing Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 users.

Sprint and Microsoft launch carrier billing for Windows 10 users

Sprint is now supporting carrier billing on Windows 10 in the Windows Store, enabling subscribers to purchase content on any device from Microsoft's store without a credit card. Sprint is the first carrier worldwide to extend carrier billing for Windows Store.

Microsoft reportedly developing a Surface phone for release later next year

Rumors of a Surface phone are percolating again following a report from Windows Central that Microsoft will launch a premium handset under the brand in the second half of 2016.

Verizon, VMTurbo jointly develop intelligent cloud control service

Verizon and VMTurbo, an application control system for software-defined data centers, are now offering enterprise customers Intelligent Cloud Control, a service the pair said will help enterprise customers migrate workloads to the a public cloud service based on their unique performance and resource requirements.

Motorola to open 'experimental boutique' retail experience store in Chicago

Lenovo's Motorola Mobility unit is opening up an "experimental boutique" retail store in downtown Chicago, not far from its headquarters there. The launch could give some luster to Motorola's brand and is a reminder that even though it is cutting jobs in Chicago it still is based in the Windy City. The rollout also reflects a growing trend among technology companies to open their own retail outlets in large cities.

Microsoft slams Globalstar's latest claim of no TLPS interference with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

While Microsoft is accusing Globalstar of using misleading tactics to demonstrate its proposed terrestrial low power service (TLPS) does not interfere with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, another company is invoking Lily Tomlin's telephone operator character Ernestine to demonstrate how archaic Globalstar's proposal is for managing interference.

Microsoft sees phone revenue decline by 54% in Q3 ahead of new Lumia launches

Microsoft reported that its phone hardware business slumped in the third quarter, which was expected since it did not introduce new devices and has slashed its phone hardware unit.