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Latest Headlines

Verizon: We provided 24 Mbps speeds during Super Bowl, faster than AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile

Verizon Wireless is striking back at a Super Bowl wireless data traffic study that ranked AT&T Mobility No. 1 among wireless carriers. Verizon is arguing that--according to Verizon's own traffic studies--Verizon provided average wireless data speeds that were fully four times faster than AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile US.

Verizon: Almost 50% of data traffic now goes over LTE network

LAS VEGAS--Verizon Wireless said that almost 50 percent of its data load now travels over its LTE network. The figure is up significantly from October, when Verizon said that 35 percent of its data traffic moved over its LTE network. Further, the carrier said it expects overall data traffic to grow by a factor of seven during the next three years.

Verizon: LTE outages a result of network's 'growing pains'

Verizon Wireless (NYSE:VZ) attributed the recent spate of LTE service outages it experienced to "growing pains" that come with building the largest LTE network in the country. The company said while