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Latest Headlines

Ericsson study finds viewers 'across age groups' migrating toward smartphones

A newly released study by Ericsson found some important things about two types of screens used by viewers: one, that the amount of viewing on large television screens in the home hasn't changed much in four years; and two, that the amount of viewing on smartphone screens has changed massively.

CTIA: Americans consumed 9.6 trillion MB of mobile data last year

American mobile users ate through 9.6 trillion MB of data last year, more than doubling the 4.1 trillion MB of data they consumed in 2014, according CTIA's latest annual report on the wireless industry.

T-Mobile trots out new data plan for two lines while AT&T, Verizon hike activation fees

T-Mobile introduced a temporary promotion offering two lines of service with 6 GB of monthly LTE data each and unlimited talk and text for $80 a month.

Unlike Netflix, Facebook doesn't degrade video for specific mobile carriers

Facebook said it doesn't degrade the quality of its video for specific mobile network operators, unlike Netflix. But whether Amazon or YouTube do is still uncertain.

T-Mobile quietly launches data-only plans for smartphones

As expected, T-Mobile rolled out data-only plans for customers interested in using their phones for everything but talking. And it did so very quietly.

FCC's O'Rielly: Netflix's mobile video policy 'disturbing' but not a net neutrality violation

Netflix's policy of degrading content for mobile carriers that charge their customers extra for data overages is controversial, but it doesn't violate net neutrality laws, according to FCC Commissioner Michael O'Rielly. But it may be cause for a federal investigation.

Netflix's revelation about mobile streaming sets off net neutrality watchdogs on both sides

Thought the controversy between Netflix and major Internet service providers on data throttling was in the past? Hardly, as the SVOD provider said that it has been lowering the quality of its video streams for five years to wireless carriers worldwide, including Verizon and AT&T.

Netflix downgrades mobile video for Verizon and AT&T, drawing ire

Netflix degrades the quality of the video it makes available to AT&T and Verizon,  The Wall Street Journal  confirmed, but doesn't do the same for T-Mobile and Verizon.

Verizon outlines net neutrality stance with statement against blocking, throttling

Verizon trumpeted its backing of some net neutrality principles, saying in a public statement that it backs policies banning service providers from blocking or throttling specific kinds of content and prohibiting them from charging content partners for faster delivery of their wares.

Study: Mobile ads account for half of data costs on popular news sites

Mobile advertising accounts for roughly half of the overall amount of data on popular news sites, according to a new study from Enders Analysis.