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Latest Headlines

AT&T surprises in Q1, posts 625K net postpaid adds driven by phones, tablets

AT&T Mobility surprised the market by reporting 625,000 postpaid subscriber net additions in the first quarter, more than analysts had expected and the carrier's best first-quarter postpaid performance in five years.

Analysts: Verizon's 'More Everything' plans show No. 1 carrier isn't immune to price war

Verizon Wireless updated its shared data plans, changing the name of the plans from "Share Everything" to "More Everything" and increasing the data allotments for some plans. The carrier is also giving a discount to customers who use its "Edge" handset upgrade program. Both changes are Verizon's latest response to an escalating price war among the Tier 1 carriers, sparked primarily by T-Mobile US.

Analysts: AT&T's cut in Mobile Share family pricing targets T-Mobile, Verizon

AT&T Mobility's announcement over the weekend that it is cutting prices on its higher-end Mobile Share shared data plans is both a way to retain current customers and respond to aggression by T-Mobile US, according to analysts. AT&T's new prices, which went into effect Sunday, could also target rival Verizon Wireless and its family plan customers, analysts said.

AT&T adds 809,000 subs in Q4, promises Cricket brand will 'shake things up'

AT&T reported weaker wireless subscriber growth for the fourth quarter than it had in the year-ago period, but the company also posted stronger data revenues.

Analysts: AT&T's 'Mobile Share Value' plans could attract subs

AT&T Mobility's new "Mobile Share Value" plans, especially for no-contract customers seeking an unsubsidized phone, will likely cut into AT&T's average revenue per user but could help the company win back some market share, according to financial analysts.

AT&T targets T-Mobile with new 'Mobile Share Value' no-contract pricing options

AT&T Mobility tweaked the pricing of its Mobile Share shared data plans for contract customers, and also introduced new "Mobile Share Value" shared data plans that are less expensive and are targeted at no-contract customers. The actions are likely a response to the success rival T-Mobile US has enjoyed this year since removing handset subsidy costs and two-year contracts from its pricing plans.

AT&T's Stephens: LTE network will fend off competition, but feature phone base is shrinking

AT&T reported stronger subscriber growth and posted record smartphone sales in the third quarter. The company is plowing ahead with its LTE network deployment and thinks its network strength will insulate it from intensifying competition in the market.

AT&T to make all new customers sign up for Mobile Share plans

AT&T Mobility confirmed it will make all of its new customers sign up for its Mobile Share shared data plans, in effect doing away with its traditional voice and data plans.

Report: U.S. Cellular's shared data plans will mimic Verizon, AT&T

U.S. Cellular's forthcoming shared data plans will largely look similar to plans offered by larger carriers  such as Verizon Wireless and AT&T Mobility, according to an  Engadget  report.

AT&T offers cheaper Mobile Share shared data plan options

AT&T Mobility is offering less expensive options in its Mobile Share shared data plans in an effort to boost adoption of the plans.