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Latest Headlines

YouTube launches livestreaming as carriers struggle with uplink performance

YouTube announced a livestreaming feature to its mobile app in an effort to take on Facebook's Live and Twitter's Periscope. And the move may weigh down wireless networks that already struggle with slow uplink speeds.

Facebook reportedly working with T-Mobile to join Binge On

Facebook is working with T-Mobile to make its video technically compliant with the carrier's Binge On offering,  Recode  reported late Thursday.

AT&T-backed Ellation to launch multichannel video platform

The OTT video company Ellation announced a new multichannel video platform in a move that could pave the way for AT&T to expand its media offerings.

T-Mobile adds PBS, other partners to Binge On

T-Mobile continues to expand its Binge On offering, adding content from PBS, PBS Kids and a few other partners to the zero-rated video service.

AOL's Ackerman discusses the confluence of video, advertising and mobile

Verizon signaled its intention to expand into media in a big way last year with its $4.4 billion acquisition of AOL, which included properties such as  The Huffington Post  and  TechCrunch. And it continues to expand on its media business with the aggressive buildout of Go90, an OTT video offering and mobile advertising channel.

IHS: More than 8B devices are connected worldwide, and Netflix is present on many of them

More than 8 billion devices were connected to the web by the end of 2015, according to fresh data from IHS, averaging four devices per household around the world. And Netflix has a presence on many of them.

UBS: Verizon's Go90 faces 'an uphill battle' against other mobile video and social apps

Verizon's Go90 is gradually gaining traction but faces "an uphill battle" against other mobile video and social networking apps and services, according to a study by UBS analysts.

How Arris, Huawei and others stack up in the cable, mobile and OTT video marketplace

The cable industry is rapidly becoming an extremely complex and competitive world where new technologies such as high dynamic range (HDR) and 4K are coming to market and OTT providers increasingly target viewers on tablets, smartphones and other platforms. And uncertainty regarding potential regulation looms as the FCC tries to address a market that has expanded far beyond traditional video providers and networks.

How wireless might eat cable's lunch- and how cable can stop it

There is clear battle brewing between the wireless industry and the cable industry. AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and the rest of the nation's top wireless carriers are increasingly developing products and services that stand as a direct challenge to cable operators like Comcast and Charter Communications. Such actions are doubtlessly causing headaches in the cable industry.

SVOD market to heat up ahead of launch of DirecTV Now

The market of subscription video-on-demand services grew even more crowded in the first quarter with three significant product launches. NBCUniversal introduced its $4-a-month Seeso, Sony expanded its PlayStation Vue offering, and Starz trotted out a standalone OTT service a few weeks ago. Even more new offerings are expected to come to market in the second and third quarters.