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Latest Headlines

Comcast: We can make 5G work

Comcast is preparing to participate in the FCC's upcoming incentive auction of 600 MHz spectrum, which could pit the broadband behemoth against wireless carriers just as 5G technologies come to market. And Comcast CFO Mike Cavanagh said the company has what it takes to make 5G work.

David vs. Goliath? How one rural network operator is using an MVNO to battle AT&T and Verizon

There's no doubt that competition in the wireless industry is heating up: A market that once held dozens of major regional wireless carriers like Alltel and Leap Wireless now only counts a few. Meantime, nationwide carriers like AT&T and Verizon continue to gobble up most of the high-value wireless customers in the country with the promise of near-ubiquitous coverage and a huge array of smartphones and other devices. That's why Terry Addington's MobileNation, and its Twigby MVNO, is so interesting.

Report: Comcast seeking wireless tech execs with network, MVNO experience

Comcast is seeking tech executives with wireless experience for key positions in an apparent effort to develop an MVNO offering, according to  The Donohue Report.

Wi-Fi-first MVNO Scratch Wireless on hold due to 're-designing and improving the solution'

Scratch Wireless, an MVNO on Sprint's network that launched in 2013 with a Wi-Fi-first mobile service model, is no longer selling its services to new customers as it works on unspecified new products and services.

Sprint MVNO Karma terminates Neverstop unlimited service: 'This time we went too big'

Sprint MVNO Karma said it will discontinue its Neverstop unlimited data service and will replace it with a tiered data offering called Pulse that ranges from 5 GB for $40 per month to 20 GB for $140 per month.

T-Mobile MVNO PTel Mobile quietly shuts down after 15 years

PTel Mobile has quietly closed its doors after 15 years in business, according to its site.

Xiaomi: US Mobile isn't authorized to sell our stuff

Xiaomi phones aren't coming to the U.S. after all – at least not yet.

T-Mobile MVNO US Mobile brings Xiaomi and Meizu phones to America

A little-known MVNO is bringing two Chinese phone manufacturers to the U.S. market. And one of them is a powerhouse.

Openet provides BT Mobile with real-time BSS platform

BT deployed a virtualised real-time BSS charging platform from Openet to help monetise its BT Mobile MVNO service in the UK.

Sprint MVNO Republic expands to GSM carrier, will launch new Moto device by April

LAS VEGAS-- Sprint MVNO Republic Wireless has inked an agreement with a GSM-based wireless carrier and will begin selling a new, high-end Motorola GSM-based device by March or April of this year, a top executive said here on the sidelines of the CES event.