Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

T-Mobile MVNO PTel Mobile quietly shuts down after 15 years

PTel Mobile has quietly closed its doors after 15 years in business, according to its site.

Xiaomi: US Mobile isn't authorized to sell our stuff

Xiaomi phones aren't coming to the U.S. after all – at least not yet.

T-Mobile MVNO US Mobile brings Xiaomi and Meizu phones to America

A little-known MVNO is bringing two Chinese phone manufacturers to the U.S. market. And one of them is a powerhouse.

Openet provides BT Mobile with real-time BSS platform

BT deployed a virtualised real-time BSS charging platform from Openet to help monetise its BT Mobile MVNO service in the UK.

Sprint MVNO Republic expands to GSM carrier, will launch new Moto device by April

LAS VEGAS-- Sprint MVNO Republic Wireless has inked an agreement with a GSM-based wireless carrier and will begin selling a new, high-end Motorola GSM-based device by March or April of this year, a top executive said here on the sidelines of the CES event.

Audi partners Cubic Telecom to offer European drivers high-speed LTE access

Cubic Telecom, an Ireland-headquartered global connectivity platform provider, partnered with Audi to provide high-speed LTE data access to the auto-maker's drivers across Europe.

T-Mobile remains mum on subscriber gains from collapse of MVNO Solavei

T-Mobile isn't saying how many direct new customers it gained following the collapse of the MVNO Solavei last week.

Charter, Comcast hint at mobile activities, but details remain scarce

Cable companies including Comcast and Charter Communications continue to promise that they will eventually enter the mobile industry-- but what exactly they plan to do remains unclear.

Sprint MVNO TextNow to launch international calling, will give credits for watching ads and taking offers

Sprint MVNO TextNow launched international calling options to more than 150 countries around the world and also unveiled a program to let customers earn bill credits by watching video advertisements or choosing special offers from advertisers and marketing partners-- all from the company's app.

Liberty's Malone: Cable companies could add wireless through MVNOs, but should be cautious on spectrum purchases

Liberty Media Chairman John Malone said he thinks cable operators, including those in the U.S. market, will inevitably add a cellular wireless component to their bundle of service offerings, calling the addition something of "enormous" importance. He said the easiest way to jump into wireless will be through MVNO deals and cautioned against buying spectrum and building out networks too soon.