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Jarich on Mobile World Congress 2013: Virtualization, monetization, commercialization

You've got to question some of the GSMA's facts and figures about last week's Mobile World Congress. Based on the new space and the crowds, I'd agree that there were likely more than 70,000 attendees. I'm not so sure that half of them were C-level execs.  Maybe I just wasn't meeting with the right people. What I do know, however, is that it was one of the more exciting editions of the event that I can recall.

Touring the MWC 2013 show floor

BARCELONA, Spain--The Mobile World Congress trade show has closed its doors, and the GSMA said the event--which drew a whopping 72,000 attendees last week--was its most successful trade show yet.  Slideshow

Mobile World Congress 2013 Scorecard: Who were the winners and losers?

On the long flight home from Barcelona, the  Fierce  editorial team had some time to contemplate the major themes of the show and what they mean to the industry. Some technologies and companies emerged stronger than before. Likewise, some failed to make an impression or communicate their message. Here's a scorecard of the technologies and companies that we think emerged as the winners and losers at last week's event.

Slideshow: A tour of the Mobile World Congress 2013 show floor, in pictures

BARCELONA, Spain--The Mobile World Congress show floor is typically the location of the most extravagant and exaggerated displays in the wireless world. Traveling across the venue a MWC attendee can...

Operators need to take action and stop whingeing about OTT

The recent Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona, Spain, included both the familiar and the unfamiliar. The former was operators yet again lambasting telecoms regulators over the harsh regime they have imposed--and the vitriol was largely aimed at European officials that operators believe are significantly limiting their ability to invest.

ZTE won't follow Huawei with consumer device brand campaign

BARCELONA, Spain--ZTE does not intend to follow Chinese rival Huawei in launching a major brand campaign for its consumer devices business, said a senior ZTE executive. The company said instead it will allow its carrier partners to bring its hero devices to market.

Boingo exec: Enhanced cellular/Wi-Fi roaming to launch commercially in 2014

BARCELONA, Spain--The Wireless Broadband Alliance's seamless and secure cellular-to-Wi-Fi roaming invite likely will not launch commercially until early 2014, and when to does AT&T Mobility is expected of be a leading player, according to a senior executive from hotspot aggregator Boingo Wireless.

BlackBerry seeing one-third of BB10 users switch over from other platforms

BARCELONA, Spain--BlackBerry is seeing one-third of new BlackBerry 10 device sales coming from customers who are switching to the platform from other smartphone operating systems, a higher figure than the company had anticipated, according to a senior company executive.

T-Mobile CTO: 1755-1780 MHz is prime spectrum for LTE

BARCELONA, Spain--Freeing up the 1755-1780 MHz block through spectrum sharing will not only aid U.S. mobile operators that desperately need additional frequencies for mobile broadband but it will also aid spectrum harmonization efforts across the Americas, said Neville Ray, T-Mobile USA CTO.

Mobile World Congress attendance surpasses 70K, GSMA vows to improve transportation

BARCELONA, Spain--The GSMA said the 2013 Mobile World Congress attracted more than 72,000 attendees, surpassing the 67,000 who were at the 2012 show and setting a new record. In addition, GSMA Director General Anne Bouverot said the organization will work hard to improve the transportation issues that many attendees experienced getting to and from the Fira Gran Via.