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Latest Headlines

Sprint CEO Hesse's compensation balloons from $11M in 2012 to $49M in 2013

In 2013 Sprint CEO Dan Hesse had probably his busiest year at the helm of the carrier since he came on board in late 2007, and the company handsomely rewarded him for his efforts. Hesse scored a total compensation package of $49 million in 2013, according to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. That figure is far above Hesse's 2012 compensation and made him easily the highest-paid executive in the wireless industry last year.

Sprint's Iyad Tarazi leaves company in network team restructuring

Sprint's shakeup of its network executive team is continuing, with longtime Sprint executive Iyad Tarazi leaving the company. His departure comes just weeks after Sprint announced that Steve Elfman, president of network operations, and Bob Azzi, the carrier's senior vice president of networks, would be leaving the company.

The time has come for John Saw and Sprint to deliver on the network

Sprint, the nation's third largest wireless operator, is largely finished with the mammoth Network Vision network modernization project it started more than three years ago. The result, however, is an LTE service that only covers around 200 million people and is, by most measurements, the nation's slowest. Compare this to T-Mobile, which covered roughly the same number of people with LTE in half the time as Sprint with speeds that often rank at or near the top. And T-Mobile is enjoying significant momentum thanks to its "uncarrier" branding.  Nonetheless, Sprint executives are arguing that  2014 is "th e year" for Sprint.  I think that remains to be seen.

Sprint CFO: The sky isn't falling, management is working with SoftBank's Son

Sprint's management and the wider company is in line with the thinking of its hard-charging chairman, SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son--contrary to a recent report of friction between Son and some Sprint executives, according to Sprint CFO Joe Euteneuer.

Sprint reshuffles networks team: Saw promoted, Elfman and Azzi to leave company

Sprint's team of technology and networks executives is receiving a major shakeup, with Steve Elfman, president of network operations at Sprint, and Bob Azzi, the carrier's senior vice president of networks, leaving the company. Meantime, John Saw, Clearwire's former CTO, has been promoted to Chief Network Officer of Sprint. Saw had previously been Sprint's senior vice president of technical architecture.

Sprint CFO: Installment pricing, promotions helped juice Q4 tablet numbers

Sprint's subscriber numbers were bolstered by a surge in tablet activations, which Sprint CFO Joe Euteneuer attributed to a variety of factors, including Sprint's introduction of installment pricing for tablets last fall and its holiday promotions.

Sprint beats analyst expectations with 477,000 new subscribers in Q4

Sprint added 477,000 customers in the fourth quarter, defying analysts' expectations that it would lose subscribers. However, after posting its first quarterly net profit since 2007 in the third quarter, the company swung back into the red in the fourth quarter with a loss of $1.04 billion.

Sprint's Bye: '2014 is the year'

LAS VEGAS--Sprint CTO Stephen Bye said that 2014 "is the year" for the nation's No. 3 wireless carrier. He said Sprint this year will complete its Network Vision LTE network upgrade and modernization project, and that it would roll out its high-speed "Sprint Spark" service to at least 100 million POPs.

Sprint's Hesse: Spark tri-mode LTE service could eventually provide real-world speeds of 150-180 Mbps

Sprint CEO Dan Hesse acknowledged that the carrier is still working through its Network Vision network upgrade, and that as it replaces equipment to improve its network, customers will see degradations in service and Sprint will see higher churn as a result. However, he said that Sprint's tri-mode LTE service, dubbed "Sprint Spark," which is just getting underway, will provide the kind of speed differentiation that will set Sprint apart.

Sprint touts network upgrades in Chicago, including launch of Spark LTE service

Sprint indicated that its Sprint Spark tri-mode LTE service is up and running Chicago, and the carrier touted the network improvements it has made in the market, in what could be a prelude to a wider marketing campaign about its network.