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Latest Headlines

T-Mobile takes on Verizon in LTE advertising and network battle

T-Mobile US is taking on Verizon Wireless in terms of advertising and an LTE network expansion, arguing that Verizon's ads on network coverage are misleading. The carrier is making that claim in connection with a major LTE network coverage push of its own.

T-Mobile to upgrade 2G EDGE network to LTE in coverage push

T-Mobile US said it will upgrade its 2G EDGE network to LTE almost completely by the middle of 2015 as part of a wider effort to expand its LTE coverage footprint. However, it's unclear exactly how many T-Mobile subscribers will be upgraded from 2G EDGE to LTE, and what the effort will cost.

T-Mobile CFO: $10 price increase on unlimited plans needed to recoup investment

T-Mobile US' decision to raise pricing by $10 per month on its unlimited smartphone data plans was needed to monetize increasing data traffic and get back a return on improving its network, according to T-Mobile CFO Braxton Carter.

T-Mobile's Ray knocks RootMetrics report, lays out LTE vision

T-Mobile US CTO Neville Ray pushed back hard against a recent report from network testing firm RootMetrics that placed T-Mobile last in overall network performance and reliability and third in speed.

T-Mobile's Legere doesn't rule out Sprint deal, but also casts doubt on it

LAS VEGAS--T-Mobile US CEO John Legere didn't outright deny rumors of a potential deal with Sprint, but he also seemed to throw cold water on the idea by insisting that the T-Mobile brand is going to be around for the long haul and also by disparaging Sprint and its network.

T-Mobile adds 1M subs in Q3 as 'uncarrier' strategy keeps rolling

T-Mobile US rolled to another strong quarter of subscriber growth in the third quarter, making good on executives' promises that the carrier would continue the momentum generated by its new no-contract plans, handset upgrade program and aggressive new style.

T-Mobile CMO knocks AT&T for 'being big and being bad'

T-Mobile US CMO Mike Sievert said that the No. 4 carrier targets rival AT&T Mobility the most in its advertising because, he claimed, AT&T has the largest pool of dissatisfied customers.

Rumor Mill: T-Mobile's MetroPCS to start selling and accepting GSM phones

T-Mobile US brand MetroPCS will start selling GSM phones that work on T-Mobile's network as soon as June 12, according to a  PhoneArena  report.

T-Mobile to expand MetroPCS footprint by 100M POPs

T-Mobile US plans to significantly expand the footprint where its MetroPCS brand offers service--by around 100 million POPs over the next six quarters--as it continues to modernize its network and integrate MetroPCS customers following the merger between the two companies that closed earlier this month.

T-Mobile days away from launching LTE in Las Vegas, Kansas City to be next

T-Mobile USA will launch its first LTE market in Las Vegas any day now. The operator originally planned to launch LTE in Las Vegas last week during the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show but that plan was delayed due to some last-minute tweaks that were needed on a few cell sites.