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Latest Headlines

Google acknowledges slow Wallet adoption, but promises to stick with it

During a recent presentation at the Electronic Transaction Association's tradeshow in Las Vegas, Google Wallet chief Ariel Bardin conceded that customers have been slow to embrace the company's mobile payments service. However, he said that Google plans to remain in the mobile payments space for the long haul, and will continue to tweak the technology in hopes it will take off.

CableLabs eyes NFC, RFID tags to deliver personalized programming and advertising

CableLabs has developed technology that could help members such as Comcast and Time Warner Cable deliver personalized programming and advertising by relying on mobile devices used by subscribers that contain RFID (radio-frequency identification) tags or NFC (near field communication) chips, according to a recent patent application.

Isis progress: 2/3 of users have inputted card info, make 6-7 transactions per month

Two-thirds of Isis' users have installed at least one payment card into their Isis wallet, the mobile payments company said, and that group of users makes an average of six to seven NFC-based financial transactions per month.

MasterCard, Visa sidestep Isis and wireless carriers with HCE support for mobile payments and NFC

Both MasterCard and Visa endorsed a new mobile payments technology that could enable them to bypass Isis and other hardware-based mobile payments systems. The action could also boost Near Field Communications (NFC) technology for mobile payments.

Universal Electronics preps XR8, XR2 'aim anywhere' devices for Comcast

Comcast may be preparing to deploy a new device called XR8 which would allow its Xfinity subscribers to control set-tops with "Aim Anywhere" technology that uses the ZigBee RF4CE specification, according to recent FCC filings from remote control vendor Universal Electronics.

Apple reportedly looking to expand mobile payments capabilities

Apple is looking to expand its presence in the mobile payments market, according to multiple reports.

Apple iBeacon vs. NFC: Where location-based apps are headed

The idea of location-based services in a retail environment has been around for a while, but iBeacons' use of the Bluetooth LE standard means apps may soon be able to take advantage of indoor or "micro-location" scenarios. This could include not only use cases in stores, but also in museum displays, trail markers in parks, or even in the home. It could also represent Apple's response to those who have wondered if the company would ever adopt Near Field Communications technology in iPhones.

Isis mobile payments venture rolls out nationwide

Isis--the mobile payments joint venture from AT&T Mobility, Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile US--finally rolled out nationwide, offering a new way for millions of customers to pay for goods and services via their mobile phones.

Comcast, Charter, Cox supplier Universal Electronics demonstrates NFC-enabled remote control

Demonstrating a remote control that could let a cable subscriber who sees a Pizza Hut ad on TV receive a coupon by tapping his remote to a smartphone, top Comcast remote control supplier Universal Electronics is offering a glimpse at some of the next-generation applications that could be deployed by major pay TV distributors using near field communication (NFC) technology.

Apple's new iPhones: Their top 5 wireless omissions

Apple's unveiling of its iPhone 5s and 5c was impressive on numerous fronts, including the breadth of LTE bands the operator is supporting. But support for a few notable LTE bands and capabilities was missing from the devices' introduction, so here is my list of the top 5 wireless-related omissions.