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Latest Headlines

Can online video advertising outpace TV ads? Skeptics sound off

A financial analyst is pouring water on recent studies that say online video advertising will overtake TV ads within the next few years. Television still has much greater reach than online video, with 115.6 million TV homes in the United States, and isn't likely to end its reign anytime soon.

Nielsen: 70% of U.S. consumers have heard of wearables, but might not bite because of price

Wearable computing is still a nascent industry, although Google, Samsung Electronics and others are doing their best to hurry it along. According to a new report form research firm Nielsen, most U.S. consumers are aware of such devices but might not buy them en masse because they are too expensive.

Broadcasters convince Nielsen to withhold broadband-only subs from ratings sample

Nielsen reversed its decision to include viewers who rely solely on broadband Internet connections to consume video in its ratings sample, in a victory for the National Association of Broadcasters and the local TV stations that it represents.

Comcast partners with Nielsen to experiment with ads for on-demand content

Comcast  is teaming with Nielsen to determine a way for advertisers to insert current ads into on-demand episodes that are being viewed by consumers days after they originally air.

FTC says Nielsen must keep ESPN Project Blueprint alive for 8 years

Nielsen will be forced to support the ESPN Project Blueprint research initiative as a condition of its merger with Arbitron, the Federal Trade Commission said on Friday.

Nielsen to add live mobile video viewing to ratings in 2014; launches TOPTEN app for consumers

While Nielsen plans to begin measuring live TV viewing on tablets and smartphones next fall, the ratings firm reportedly won't yet track the number of viewers who use mobile devices to watch video-on-demand content.

Nielsen: VOD available in 60% of U.S. homes

Set-tops capable of delivering video-on-demand content are available in 60 percent of U.S. homes, up from 37 percent penetration in 2008, Nielsen said in its "Cross-Platform Report" for the second quarter.

Nielsen: On-demand becoming the way to watch TV

Watching live TV is still a viable option, but on-demand viewing, and especially the ability for consumers to watch content "on their own terms," is now playing a major role in how U.S. viewers consume television, the latest research data from Nielsen said.

Feds find Americans watched 2.8 hours of TV daily in 2012

A report released Thursday by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics said the average American watched two hours and 50 minutes of TV daily last year, an increase from two hours and 44 minutes in 2010.

Media execs lament lack of Nielsen ratings for online video

Media bosses want Nielsen to measure their online audiences sooner rather than later: That was the thrust of a round-up of recent media executive comments made to investors from Bloomberg.