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Latest Headlines

SVOD penetration now matches DVRs in U.S., Nielsen says

SVOD services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Video are now in about half of U.S. homes, matching penetration of DVRs, Nielsen said in its latest study.

Nielsen: Pay-TV homes dropped another 2.2% in May

Cord cutting/shaving accelerated in May, with pay-TV down 2.2 percent in U.S. homes, year-over-year, and cable networks off 3.2 percent in terms of subscriptions, according to Nielsen data worked over by Pivotal Research analyst Brian Wieser.

Dish signs deal to provide set-top data to Nielsen, re-ups with comScore

Dish Network has signed separate multi-year agreements with Nielsen and comScore to provide the research companies with data from its network of pay-TV set-tops.

U.S. Pay-TV households dipped below 100M in Q4, Nielsen says

U.S. pay-TV households dipped below the 100 million benchmark during the fourth quarter, according to Nielsen, falling to 99.44 million.

ESPN touts Nielsen's revised cord-cutting data

Locked in a media war with a bearish analyst, ESPN is promoting revised data from Nielsen indicating that cord-cutting wasn't nearly as bad last year as earlier reported.

Sprint touts LTE Plus network amid more than 800 layoffs and concerns over transition to small cells

Sprint said it has doubled the number of markets in which it offers "LTE Plus" and cited recent Nielsen data indicating its network is faster than those of Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile. And the beleaguered carrier criticized some other network-measurement methods used by its competitors.

Nielsen teams with Facebook on a new OTT measurement tactic, social listening

Facing a growing demand from the advertising and television industries for more reliable measurement of streaming media, Nielsen is partnering up with Facebook to morph its current Twitter TV Ratings into a new metric it has dubbed "Social Content Ratings," The New York Times reports.

From DAI to programmatic: Why advanced advertising is giving pay-TV operators a reason to stay in the video biz

In television's most disrupted hour, pay-TV operators are in a prime position to not only control the broadband infrastructure that will transport the video of the future, but also to facilitate the advanced advertising schemes that will support it.

Nielsen: 27% of viewing on Roku happens with multiple viewers

Generating perhaps what is the first piece of notable data since Nielsen agreed to measure audience usage on Roku in April, the research company found that 27 percent of viewing on the OTT platform is done by more than one audience member.

Stayin' alive: CBS, other TV networks revise their series cancellation criteria as market changes

As the media and entertainment industry changes around them, traditional broadcasters are getting more flexible about how they manage TV series and increasingly relying on metrics beyond traditional Nielsen ratings to determine whether a show gets the axe. Those changes are reflected in the first wave of cancellations for the fall season, the New York Times reports.