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Latest Headlines

Nielsen stats: Broadband-only homes rise to 2.7%

More consumers are opting to cut their video providers and instead use their high-speed broadband services to access online video services.

Experiencing the Nielsen ratings process firsthand

How does Nielsen generate its ratings reports for TV shows? FierceCable editor Steve Donohue took a deeper look into the process by participating in a ratings survey himself.

Report: Smartphones still have room to grow in Brazil, India and Russia

Although more than 50 percent of all U.S. mobile users now own smartphones, smartphones still have a lot of growth ahead of them in emerging markets, according to a new report from research firm Nielsen.

Nielsen: Half of all American subscribers now own a smartphone

Roughly half of all American mobile subscribers now own a smartphone, according to new data from Nielsen, marking a watershed moment in adoption. According to Nielsen, 49.7 percent of Americans owned

Internet video needs sophisticated business models

Internet traffic will continue growing at high double digit rates, primarily due to Internet video, but it does not necessarily follow that this growth can be converted to growing profits. A major

Entner: How overages can benefit wireless consumers

The FCC has received countless comments and filings regarding the issue of Bill Shock. Based on a review of more than 78,000 customer accounts by the Nielsen Company in its Consumer Values Metric

Internet video: broadband service provider threat or opportunity?

Broadband service providers are taking a hard look at Internet video and trying to determine if it is a threat or opportunity. It is a threat if it drives up broadband usage while media companies and

Who is buying Apple's iPad, and will they also buy an iPhone?

Any concerns regarding a cannibalistic impact of the iPad on Mac sales were recently laid to rest by Apple's third quarter 2010 earnings call: The iPhone and the iPad, which run on iOS, led an

Entner: Quantifying the mobile data tsunami and its implications

AT&T's shift away from unlimited data pricing has led us to examine the issue of data consumption in the United States. The Nielsen Company collects phone bills from more than 60,000 mobile