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Latest Headlines

N-Gage to remain outside of Ovi Store, for now-- or left to die...

Nokia has admitted there are no plans to integrate its gaming service, N-Gage, into its forthcoming Ovi Store service. Having attempted for many years to establish itself in the mobile games market,

Classic phones we wish could be brought back

In a time when the wireless world is beholden to the Next Big Thing as the iPhone-Killer, or enthralled with how many megapixels can be put into a phone's digital camera, wouldn't it be nice to

Report: Mobile industry greenlights eco-friendliness

Streamlining device packaging translates to reduced costs for companies and less waste for landfills. As the nation's blue mood increasingly darkens and the economy goes farther into the red, the

Nokia affirms LTE commitment, dismisses WiMAX

Nokia affirmed its commitment to Long Term evolution (LTE) technology and said it would have devices for LTE networks in 2010, according to a company executive. James Harper, Nokia's senior manager

Rumour Mill: Nokia and Ericsson to become Indian MVNOs

We live in unusual times, but to hear that Nokia and Ericsson have shown interest, apparently, in becoming MVNOs in the Indian market is more than extraordinary. According to officials within the

News In Brief: Sprint Nextel, Pipe, Google, Nokia, Intel

US operator Sprint Nextel will pay between $3.2-$ 3.6 billion to reband its 800MHz spectrum, FierceWireless said. The company has spent $1.8 billion on the rebanding so far.

Sizing up the race for app store supremacy

For all of the oft-repeated complaints about Apple's App Store--e.g., the abundance of free and bargain-priced apps, the discoverability challenges and Apple's failures to communicate with the

Nokia halts sales of 5800 XPress Music in the U.S.

Nokia has halted sales of its 5800 XPress Music phone in the United States, only a few days after the phone first went on sale in the company's flagship store. The launch of the North American

Nokia seeking netbook production partners

The technical specs of a Nokia netbook (if they were to ever appear...) are still being widely debated on many blogs, but the handset company is reliably said to be in negotiations with Taiwan laptop

Is Nokia actually readying a line of laptops?

Despite a cacophony of reports that Nokia, the world's largest handset maker, had confirmed that it was going to be making laptops, there is still skepticism that the company will actually go through