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Latest Headlines

Nokia will put Lotus Notes on S60-based phones

Nokia is teaming with IBM to support Lotus Notes on Nokia's S60-based devices. According to Nokia, this means that about 80 million users will have access to the Lotus Notes email program. The

Handset makers woo China Mobile

Handset makers Nokia, Motorola and Sony-Ericsson are talking with China Mobile about building devices to run on the carrier's "homegrown" third generation TD-CDMA networks. And if that isn't enough,

Nokia CEO says company will invest more in U.S.

Nokia CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, in an interview with the Boston Globe, said he expects Nokia to take steps to invest more in the U.S. market, including boosting research and development and ramping

Handset makers poised for a shakeup in 2009

In the face of a global economic downturn and weakening demand, handset makers and vendors affiliated with cell phone components are probably headed toward a large shakeup, according to a report in

Nokia cuts Q4 handset, networks outlook

Nokia lowered its fourth quarter expectations for both its handset and networks divisions as it expects consumer spending to drop in the face of widespread economic distress. "In the last few weeks,

Qualcomm posts higher profits, but cuts 2009 forecast

Qualcomm posted its fourth quarter and fiscal 2008 results, and the company had higher revenues and net incomes both for the quarter and the year in total. However, it reduced its forecast for CDMA

Motorola still working with LiMo

Motorola's announcement last week that it would simplify its handset lineup in 2009 by dropping its use of the Symbian operating system and its own in-house Java-Linux operating system development to

Nokia to cut 600 jobs by Jan. 1

Maturing wireless markets and slowing growth are causing Nokia to make some organizational changes. The company announced today that it will be cutting about 600 jobs, primarily in its marketing and

Nokia unveils SNAP Mobile SDK 2.2

Nokia announced the availability of the latest SDK for its SNAP Mobile end-to end Java gaming solution. The SNAP Mobile SDK 2.2 promises developers a number of tools to simplify connected mobile game

Symbian OS dumped by Motorola

Having yet to announce the details surrounding the Symbian Foundation, the OS developer has a fresh battle on its hands following the departure of Motorola as one of its long-term and most consistent