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Latest Headlines

German job losses as Nokia plant closes

Around 2,300 staff will lose their jobs following Nokia's decision to discontinue the production of mobile devices at its Bochum site in Germany. The main reason behind the decision is the high cost

Nokia under fire for closing German plant

The German parliament is not happy with Nokia's decision to close its Bochum, Germany plant. The phone manufacturer said earlier this week that it would close the plant by mid-2008 due to the high

Nokia closes German plant

Nokia announced plans to slash some 2,300 jobs in Germany as it moves its production facilities to cheaper locales like Romania. The handset maker said it was closing the Bochum, Germany-based plant

ALSO NOTED: Nokia Siemens a buyer? MetroPCS buys PCS spectrum; and more...

> Nokia Siemens becomes a buyer? Article > MetroPCS buys 10 MHz of PCS spectrum from PTA Communications.

January is deja vu for Motorola

I feel like this is a re-run. The last two years in January, I've written about Motorola and its failure to follow up on the success of the Razr. In early 2006,

CES round-up: Walkman, ROKR, Neonode and more

Motorola, Nokia, SonyEricsson, Samsung and Neonode are among the handset vendors that have already launched phones at the

ALSO NOTED: Moto buys Soundbuzz; Can TI comeback? and much more...

> Motorola to buy Asian digital music retailer Soundbuzz.

iPhone UI challenges handset vendors

The iPhone probably attracted more press comment in 2007 than all the many other handset launches combined. While this device is not revolutionary and has some shortcomings, its user interface has

Prediction: 2008 is the great open access experiment

The mantra in 2007 was open access, and 2008 will be about delivering on the lip service. Sprint Nextel is embarking on what will be the industry's first experiment with open access. The operator's

ALSO NOTED: Qualcomm must pay Broadcom royalty fees for QChat; ABI Research: Expect 4G royalty rates in the range of 4.8 percen

> Nokia Siemens announced its intention to purchase IMS database management specialist Apertio for $205.6 million. Article >