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Latest Headlines

Nokia's outlook for 2008 is good, market share is up

Nokia surprised analysts this morning with better-than-expected second-quarter earnings. Although the company's profit was down ($1.75 billion compared to $4.49 billion a year earlier) most of that

Recession to hit Nokia and Sony Ericsson sales- iPhone unaffected

While the cellphone industry has largely sailed through previous market downturns, this latest turbulence looks set to hit both Nokia and Sony Ericsson hard, but leave Apple and its iPhone

Streamezzo intros Skinnable Application Suite

Mobile media solutions and platforms provider Streamezzo announced the first four elements of its Skinnable Application Suite, which the firm says offers independent software developers, system

Sony Ericsson considers US$165M investment in Spice Mobile

Having initially opened discussions about a partnership arrangement, Sony Ericsson is now actively considering acquiring a majority holding in the Indian-based cell phone manufacturer, Spice Mobile,

Nokia: Interest in Symbian Foundation growing

The Symbian Foundation, created last month when Nokia purchased Symbian, is rapidly

Survey: Only 3% of people recycle their phones

Nokia released some surprising results of a global survey on recycling mobile phones. The survey found that a very low number of consumers recycle their phones and most are unaware that they can do

Huawei 2007 revenues up 48 percent to $12.5B

While many infrastructure vendors are facing lean times, Chinese manufacturer Huawei seems to be blossoming. The company reported $12.56 billion in revenues in 2007, up 48 percent from 2006.

Developers install Android on Nokia N810

With official Google-sanctioned devices operating on the Android OS still weeks or even months away, an enterprising member of the Internet Tablet Talk forum who goes by the username "penguinbait"

Forum Nokia embraces WidSets

Nokia's global developer program Forum Nokia announced its support for the WidSets mobile content consumption, creation and sharing service. WidSets widget downloads operate across more than 300

Don't mention the B-word to Nokia

The misery continues for Nokia as it attempts to extricate itself from the PR nightmare that has surrounded the closure of its Germany cell phone manufacturing plant in Bochum. The latest (and final,