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Prediction: 2008 is the great open access experiment

The mantra in 2007 was open access, and 2008 will be about delivering on the lip service. Sprint Nextel is embarking on what will be the industry's first experiment with open access. The operator's

ALSO NOTED: Qualcomm must pay Broadcom royalty fees for QChat; ABI Research: Expect 4G royalty rates in the range of 4.8 percen

> Nokia Siemens announced its intention to purchase IMS database management specialist Apertio for $205.6 million. Article >

QUICKLINKS: Nokia delays N-Gage relaunch yet again, citing software issues; Apple applies for wireless payment system patent;

> Nokia delays N-Gage relaunch yet again, citing software issues. Article > Apple applies for wireless

SPOTLIGHT: Breaking News: Nokia Siemens buys Apertio

Nokia Siemens Networks today announced the intended acquisition of Apertio, the provider of open real-time subscriber data platforms and applications built specifically for mobile, fixed, and

ALSO NOTED: Qualcomm to pay royalties for QChat; Harbinger ups Leap investment; and much more...

> Qualcomm must pay Broadcom royalty fees on QChat.

'4G' standards jockey for position

The International Telecommunication Union hasn't officially sanctioned 4G standards yet but chances are they will be based on OFDMA technology and they'll be Long Term Evolution (LTE), the migration

ALSO NOTED: Nokia's triple slider; SMS to hit 2 trillion sent; and much more...

> Nokia patents "triple-sliding" phone. Article > FierceMobileContent's interview with RealNetworks' Rob Glaser.

Nokia changes gear to address Apple threat

While the launch of Apple's iPhone might have prompted speculation that Nokia had been caught with it's trousers not fully hoisted, the Finnish company is now starting to lift its game and respond

Nokia unveils image recognition search capability

Camera phones could take a massive leap forward if Nokia is able to turn its proposed Point & Find service into a commercial reality. The company's R&D labs have demoed a prototype handset

Nokia mulls over iPhone revenue share model

Apple's iPhone is making the revenue share business model more common place. According to a report in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung, Nokia CEO, Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, is looking to