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Video: Nokia N97 Demo

Check out this video of the Nokia N97:

Nokia launches latest iPhone rival, the N97

Nokia jumped into the touchscreen phone game by releasing the N97, a touchscreen phone with a slideout Qwerty keyboard that is similar to the T-Mobile G1. Nokia unveiled the phone at a company event

Nokia issues Series 40 6th Edition SDK

Nokia released its Series 40 6th Edition software development kit, timed to coincide with the announcement of the new Nokia 6260 slide, the latest device based on the Series 40 platform. The SDK

Nokia to launch mobile home control system

Nokia is planning a new initiative called the Home Control Center, where customers will be able to access, monitor and control some of the features in their homes, such as electricity usage, security

InterDigital, Samsung settle 3G patent dispute

InterDigital and Samsung settled two long-standing patent-infringement lawsuits just as the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) was about to make a decision on whether to recommend banning

Nokia says Symbian acquisition is on track

At a meeting in London this week Nokia executives told reporters that its acquisition of Symbian is on track and the company is preparing to turn the operating system into an open source platform

Nokia to launch its own MVNO in Japan

Nokia will launch its own MVNO in Japan in the first half of 2009. According to reports in Kyodo News and the newspaper Yomiuri Shimbun, which cited unnamed sources, the world's largest handset maker

Nokia will put Lotus Notes on S60-based phones

Nokia is teaming with IBM to support Lotus Notes on Nokia's S60-based devices. According to Nokia, this means that about 80 million users will have access to the Lotus Notes email program. The

Handset makers woo China Mobile

Handset makers Nokia, Motorola and Sony-Ericsson are talking with China Mobile about building devices to run on the carrier's "homegrown" third generation TD-CDMA networks. And if that isn't enough,

Nokia CEO says company will invest more in U.S.

Nokia CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, in an interview with the Boston Globe, said he expects Nokia to take steps to invest more in the U.S. market, including boosting research and development and ramping