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ALSO NOTED: Court dismisses Nokia complaint; CTIA: 250M subs in U.S.; and much more...

> A court in the Netherlands dismissed Nokia's claim that Qualcomm's European patents are exhausted with respect to chips placed on the European market by Texas Instruments.

On the Hot Seat with Morgan Gillis

FierceWireless editor Brian Dolan and DailyTechRag editor Mehan Jayasuriya recently interviewed Morgan Gillis, the executive director of the LiMo Foundation to discuss the ramifications of Google's

Rumor Mill: Siemens 'happy' with Nokia and Fujitsu

Despite firm denials from HQ, the industrial group Siemens seems unable to quell continued industry chatter that it will dump its 'strategic' relationships with Nokia and Fujitsu. In a renewed effort

Finland first with 900 MHz W-CDMA launch

3G operators in Western Europe will watch with keen interest the deployment of the first 900 MHz W-CDMA network by the Finnish operator, Elisa, given that this frequency band is expected to

Qualcomm's Q4 includes 84% jump in net income

Qualcomm posted a strong fourth quarter as net income rose 84 percent, which is more than the company forecasted in September. Year-on-year revenue growth also enjoyed a 15 percent raise to $2.31

Report: Worldwide device market declines 39.3%

According to a recent report from IDC, the worldwide handheld device market has posted its 15th consecutive decline in quarterly shipments: Vendors shipped 728,894 handheld devices in the third

Tests show LTE hits peak data rates

Nokia announced that the LTE/SAE Trial Initiative (LSTI), made up of a group of companies that includes Ericsson, Nokia and Vodafone, said its LTE tests have met goals for physical-layer throughput

Symbian on the defensive

  Symbian on the defensive Google's intention to build an open platform for mobile phones has garnered both high praise and dismissive comments from various segments of the wireless industry. Even

TomTom raises bid for Tele Atlas

Amid the fallout from Nokia's recent acquisition of Navteq for $8.1 billion, the bidding war between TomTom and Garmin for Tele Atlas wages on: Tom Tom has upped its bid to $3.57 billion. The offer

Nokia delays N-Gage relaunch

Nokia announced it will delay the launch of its resurrected N-Gage gaming platform. Originally set to go live in November, Nokia said N-Gage will now appear sometime in December as a result of