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ALSO NOTED: Vodafone U.K. adds unlimited data usage; Skypilot raises $3.4M; and much more...

> Vodafone U.K. has added unlimited data usage to all its new monthly plans, which makes it the first U.K. carrier that does not require a separate plan for mobile Internet or email usage.

ALSO NOTED: Nokia puts brave face on 'Comes Without Profits'; O2 paves the way for iPhone relaunch; and more...

> Nokia puts brave face on 'Comes Without Profits.' article > O2 paves the way for iPhone relaunch.

T-Mobile, Nokia renew deal for mobile web services

T-Mobile and Nokia announced an agreement to collaborate on new mobile web and social networking services, two months after T-Mobile

RIM inks distro deal with Brightpoint

BlackBerry maker Research In Motion has inked a distribution deal with Brightpoint that aims to extend BlackBerry's popularity outside of the North American market. Only one-third of RIM's customers

Car Batteries to Cell Phones

Back in 1997, I was out in Las Vegas providing an assist for streaming events around the launch U2’s PopMart tour. The lads from Dublin had rented out the new (then new) Sam Boyd stadium to

Miss the jams with your Nokia mobile

Nokia has joined forces with ARC Transistance, the European network of automobile clubs, to deliver real time traffic information to Nokia mobile phone owners. The service will be provided as a

Nokia Siemens looks to slash femtocell prices

The struggling infrastructure developer, Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN), has opened negotiations with two Taiwanese femtocell makers over plans for the joint production of femtocell base stations. The

Rumor: ip.access wins femtocell deal with AT&T

According to a report from ThinkPanmure, AT&T has inked a $500 million deal with ip.access for 7 million femtocells, which it plans to sell to its subscribers for about $100. The firm says the

Ad-supported MVNO ahead of user target

With over 100,000 signed-up members to its MVNO service, U.K.-based Blyk is claiming to be six months ahead of schedule since it launched in September 2007. The company says that the ad campaigns

SPOTLIGHT: More on Nokia's U.S. strategy

Nokia's market share in North America slid from 20 percent two years ago to just 7 percent this year, according to a report from Strategy Analytics. BusinessWeek has the rundown on Nokia's plans to