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2008 Year in Review: The iPhone 3G and iPhone clones

The news: AT&T Mobility launched the Apple's iPhone 3G July 11, ushering in a new era of high-speed data capable smartphones. Apple's second-generation iPhone, which featured the same sleek look

2008 Year in Review: Symbian goes open-source

Jaws dropped when in late June Nokia made the surprise announcement it would acquire the remaining shares of mobile software licensing company Symbian Limited and team with Sony Ericsson, Motorola

2008 Year in Review: The App Store rewrites the rules

Many decades from now, as you regale your grandchildren with stories of life prior to the introduction of personal jet packs, teleportation systems and family vacations to Mars, you will describe to

Check Point acquires Nokia's security appliance biz

Check Point Software has agreed to take over Nokia's security appliance business. Terms of the deal were not disclosed at this time. Over the past decade, the two companies have worked together to

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic gets FCC approval

Nokia's 5800 XpressMusic, formerly the Tube, has received FCC approval and will be landing in the United States soon, though probably unlocked and unsubsidized. So far the phone is not attached to

Nokia downgraded on weak outlook

Nokia had its debt downgraded by the ratings agency, Fitch Ratings. Fitch downgraded Nokia's Long-term Issuer Default rating to "negative" from "stable" based on a weaker projected handset market in

Nokia looks to drive down handset development costs

Cost-cutting has become the central focus for many within the cellular industry, but none more so than those involved with developing and manufacturing handsets. Not unaffected by these current day

Mobile Firefox coming to Symbian, Mozilla developer says

Mozilla will release its mobile Firefox browser, also known as Fennec, on the Symbian OS, according to a blog post by Christian Sejersen, Mozilla's director of mobile engineering. "In Q3 2008 Symbian

Nokia comes late to booming 3G dongle party

Once again, Nokia has lagged behind the technology curve and has only now announced it will start shipping a 3G mobile broadband dongle early next year. Huawei has already grabbed a lion's share of

Leadership troubles

Nokia has set the all-round benchmark for handset companies over so many years that to question its strategy could be classed as heresy. But that's what an increasing number of market analysts are