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Latest Headlines

EDGE doubles in speed courtesy of Nokia Siemens

Wanting to build on its success with EDGE-based networks, the leading supplier, Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN), has unveiled an upgrade to the technology that doubles its speed. The new software, known

Sprint taps Nokia Siemens Networks for XOHM

Sprint tapped Nokia Siemens Networks to implement its subscriber database solution, which includes Apertio's One-NDS, (Network Directory Server), in an effort to provide a more personalized

Samsung set for gains

Last year, Samsung was hampered by its slowly declining memory chip business, which slowly chipped away at the company's valuation, but analysts believe that the business is close to hitting rock

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> Hutchison's wireless bets begin to pay off. Article > Apple releases yet another

Nokia quietly positions against Motorola

According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, Nokia is taking a low-key approach to positioning itself against Motorola and that company's recent decision to spin-out its handset business. Once

Is the handset market alive or dead?

Market analysts are at odds over which direction the handset market is headed. GfK claims that the global mobile phone market is growing at the fastest rate for five years, with 160 million extra

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> Motorola's facing its troubles in the public eye, but is Sony Ericsson having some troubles of its own? Sony Ericsson's global marketing chief Dee Dutta left the company after six years.

Microsoft at work on new mobile web browser?

A recent BusinessWeek feature reports Microsoft is redoubling its mobile efforts to compete with the success of rival Apple's iPhone--Microsoft mobile communications business GM Scott Horn denies the

Nokia: Replacement sales to buoy earnings

Nokia went on the defensive after Sony Ericsson announced that its handset sales are slowing down and

Intel: WiMAX/WiFi chip coming in ultramobile PCs

Intel Senior Vice President Arun Chandrasekhar indicated that more than one-third of the ultramobile PCs coming to market later this year will include Intel's Atom Centrino platform, which offers