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A shift from device subsidies to financing could bring disruption- and be good

LAS VEGAS--I've asked almost every company I've met with so far here at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show the same question: How would a shift in the U.S. market from device subsidies to device financing affect your business and the wider market?  The responses I've received, mainly from handset companies, tended to indicate that if such a shift does take place, the onus will be on OEMs to provide value, either in terms of price or innovation--or both.

Nokia exec: We're aiming to have a flagship Lumia phone across all carriers

LAS VEGAS-- Nokia hopes at some point to have a single flagship Lumia Windows Phone smartphone across all the major U.S. carriers, as Samsung Electronics has done with its recent Galaxy S phones. However, as Microsoft prepares to acquire Nokia's devices business, a senior Nokia executive acknowledged that the company is not there yet.

NSN's executive chairman to step down after Microsoft deal

Nokia said Jesper Ovesen is to step down as executive chairman of Nokia Solutions and Networks, the group's telecoms infrastructure business, once the sale of the company's devices and services unit to Microsoft has been completed.

A look back over 2013

As another year comes towards its end, it would be remiss of me to not to look back at what has been an incredibly eventful year in European telecoms in order to highlight some of the main trends that have not only emerged in the past 12 months, but also look set to dominate the market in the coming year and beyond.

Samsung merges mobile and camera units to differentiate its smartphone imaging

Samsung Electronics is combining its mobile unit with its camera business to not only bring wireless connectivity to more of its cameras but to improve the imaging capabilities of its smartphones.

Nokia wins reprieve in India, but still faces potentially huge tax bill

Nokia this week overcame a potential hurdle to the closure of the €5.4 billion ($7.4 billion) deal to sell its devices and services unit to Microsoft, but the Finnish company could still face an Indian tax bill that reports now say could rise to as much as 210 billion rupees (€2.46 billion or $3.4 billion), if it loses the ongoing legal battle.

Nokia Android rumor resurfaces

Evidence is mounting that Nokia is actively developing a smartphone based on the Android OS, and Microsoft may not stand in the way once it takes control of Nokia's handset business. &n

Report: Microsoft ponders free versions of Windows Phone, RT to counter Android

Microsoft is thinking of making its Windows Phone and Windows RT software available free of charge to hardware vendors, according to a report from  The Verge, which cited unnamed sources.s.

Reports: Nokia building smartphone with forked version of Android, codenamed 'Normandy'

Nokia is developing a smartphone running on a forked and modified version of Google's Android platform, according to multiple reports.

The one thing that should intrigue app developers about Jolla

The launch of Jolla's eponymous device and the Sailfish operating system a few weeks ago may not have had anywhere near the splash of a new iPhone or Samsung Galaxy unveiling, but it may still be worth watching, for a number of reasons.