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Latest Headlines

IDC: Smartphone shipments to double in Africa in 4 years

The African smartphone market is set to double in volume over the next four years and account for close to one third of all handset shipments to the continent by 2017, according to a new report from research firm IDC.

Ericsson, Huawei and others delve into 5G via METIS 2020

Struggling to catch up with Asia and North America, which have set the pace for LTE deployments, Europe is focusing on the next generation of mobile communications, commonly called 5G.

Mallinson: Can European wireless vendors reclaim their past glory?

It is vital that the European development community--from silicon design to software applications--work to benefit from making, using, optimizing and commercializing 4G LTE here at home. Thankfully, and most importantly, market growth potential for mobile and wirelessly connected devices and services is substantial and certain. However, we can't be effective in developing 5G or becoming leaders in providing it to the world if we are not even on the pace in 4G.

Apple, Nokia tablets offer different takes on Wi-Fi

In a tale of two tablet vendors, product releases this week from Nokia and Apple reveal strikingly different approaches to wireless connectivity. However, the approaches are not surprising given the companies' histories.

Report: Nokia's cash balance clears way for Alcatel-Lucent buy

As Nokia presented what is likely to be one of its last lineups of new Lumia devices including its first tablet and a new "phablet" before the manufacturer sells its devices and services business to partner Microsoft, rumours persist that the Finnish company could make use of this new influx of cash to buy the mobile unit of struggling vendor Alcatel-Lucent, whose future looks more uncertain by the day.

METIS 2020 is building Europe's 5G wireless vision

In Greek mythology, Metis was a cunning and wise Titan goddess capable of prophesying. In modern times, METIS is a research project being partially funded by the European Commission with an eye toward enabling its vision of the 5G future.

Nokia unwraps Lumia 2520 tablet, Lumia 1520 phablet

N okia unveiled a bevy of new devices, including its first Windows Phone Lumia products since partner Microsoft announced plans last month to acquire Nokia's hardware business for $7.2 billion. At its Nokia World event in Abu Dhabi, as expected, Nokia announced its Lumia 1520 phablet device and its first tablet, the Lumia 2520, which runs Microsoft's Windows RT operating system.

Report: Nokia sold 8M Lumias in Q3

Nokia sold at least 8 million Lumia Windows Phone smartphones in the third quarter, up from 7.4 million in the second quarter and far more than the 2.9 million it sold in the year-ago period, according to a Wall Street Journal report.

What devs are saying about Windows Phone 8 Version 3

For Microsoft and its Windows Phone 8 operating system, the third time may, in fact, be the charm.  The company last week announced a major update to its mobile OS, which is designed to show off apps on larger smartphones with brighter screens, such as those Nokia  is expected to launch later this year.

Second chances, and missed opportunities

Missed opportunities for some as well as second chances for others have dominated the headlines this week, highlighting the often fickle and sometimes surprising industry we all work in.