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Latest Headlines

NPD: 66% of U.S. mobile broadband connections by end of 2015 will be tablets

Tablets are expected to make up a large majority of all mobile broadband connections in the U.S. over the next two years, according to a new report from the NPD Group.

NPD: U.S. Tablets using cellular connections increase 46% in 2013 to 10.4M

The number of tablets in the United States using an embedded cellular connection jumped 46 percent in 2013 to 10.4 million, up from 7.1 million in 2012, according to the a new report from NPD's Connected Intelligence Mobile Connectivity Report. Strikingly, that increase came despite the fact that sales of cellular-capable tablets actually declined from 16 percent of total tablet sales in 2012 to 12 percent in 2013, according to NPD's Retail Tracking Service.

NPD: Apple, Samsung grab 68% of U.S. smartphone ownership in Q4

Apple and Samsung Electronics' dominance over the smartphone market, in the United States in particular, is well-known. However, a new measure of just how tight a grip the two companies have comes from research firm the NPD Group, which found that in the fourth quarter the two companies grabbed 68 percent of total U.S. smartphone ownership.

BlackBerry, Nokia execs express interest in tablets

BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins and a senior Nokia executive expressed varying degrees of support for tablets. The comments are notable considering some research firms predict that tablet connections will generate billions of dollars in revenue for wireless carriers--but currently most tablet users in the United States continue to rely on Wi-Fi connections, according to the NPD Group.

Average Android, iOS smartphone data use across Tier 1 wireless carriers, through January

FierceWireless  teamed with NPD Connected Intelligence to publish the results of the firm's SmartMeter surveying software. NPD's SmartMeter software is installed on around 1,500 smartphones (participants are provided "incentives" to install the software on their phones). NPD for around a year has tracked cellular data usage on 1,000 Android phones, and several months ago added iPhones to its survey base. NPD in December increased its iPhone survey base to 500 devices, which NPD said is its full panel size.

NPD: T-Mobile Android users gobbling 1.36 GB/month on average

Android smartphone owners on T-Mobile USA's network consumed an average of 1.36 GB of data per month in January, up 0.44 GB from 0.92 GB in December, according to new statistics from NPD Connected Intelligence. Special Report

NPD: Sprint Android customers show declines in montly data usage

According to findings from NPD Connected Intelligence, Sprint Nextel Android smartphone subscribers are using less data per month than they were six months ago.  Special report

Average Android, iOS smartphone data use across Tier 1 wireless carriers

How much data does the average smartphone user consume? It's a critical question for both users and the carriers that provide service--and it's a moving target. As users embrace a widening array of high-powered data services, wireless carriers are concurrently working to increase the data speeds available to their subscribers. The result is a situation where users have more services at their fingertips available at faster speeds.

NPD: Verizon iPhone users consume 1.58 GB/month, almost double those of Sprint

New data from NPD Connected Intelligence shows that Verizon Wireless' iPhone users are the most prolific data downloaders among the nation's top four wireless carriers. The firm found that the iPhone customers of Verizon used an average of 1.58 GB of cellular data per month in September.

NPD: Android smartphone users download just 870 MB over cellular per month

New research from NPD Connected Intelligence shows that Android smartphone users on average download roughly 870 MB of data per month on cellular networks and around 2.5 GB per month on Wi-Fi networks.