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Latest Headlines

Wireless in the first quarter of 2014

How did the wireless industry perform in the first quarter of 2014? Check here throughout the first-quarter earnings report season for full earnings reports from the wireless industry's carriers,...

Intel, MediaTek, Broadcom and Nvidia try to catch up to Qualcomm in LTE

LAS VEGAS--Qualcomm remains the market leader by far in the cellular baseband market, and in LTE chips in particular. However, its chipset rivals made clear this week at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show that they are intent on using 2014 to close the gap on Qualcomm when it comes to LTE.

Google launches Open Automotive Alliance to push Android into connected cars

LAS VEGAS--Google, as had been rumored, launched a new partnership with a number of automakers to bring its Android mobile operating systems into connected cars. The alliance, announced as the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show is getting under way here, also serves as a counterbalance to a similar effort Apple launched to bring its iOS platform to car dashboards.

Nvidia not targeting Tegra 4i- chip with LTE modem- at U.S. market initially

The first products with Nvidia's Tegra 4i chipset, which combines the company's application processor with an LTE modem, will be rolling into the market in the first half of next year, but likely will not be aimed at the U.S. market, according to CEO Jen-Hsun Huang.

Nvidia's mobile revenue slumps in Q2, but firm promises Tegra 4, 4i wins

Nvidia reported a sharp drop in revenue from its Tegra mobile chipset division in its fiscal second quarter, which the company said was expected, but the weak results indicate the silicon maker will have a tough hill to climb as it works to compete with Qualcomm, Samsung and other heavyweights.

Nvidia catching up to Qualcomm

Nvidia's Tegra mobile business to stay flat this year

Nvidia said its mobile business will remain flat this year, partially due to a slight delay in the release of its LTE-capable Tegra 4 chip.

Rumor mill: Google's next Nexus 7 arriving in July with LTE

Google's second-generation Nexus 7 tablet will reportedly arrive around July and will pack a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, apparently chosen in part for its ability to tightly integrate with the chipmaker's 3G/LTE baseband modem.

Broadcom targets 2014 as sweet spot for LTE smartphones

BARCELONA, Spain--Broadcom thinks that 2014 will be the year it will be able to bring together the key components of its chipset portfolio--applications processor, advanced LTE modem and its newest combo chip--and integrate them into a solution for high-end smartphones, according to a company executive.

Qualcomm pushes chip it says will solve LTE fragmentation

Qualcomm unveiled a new chipset solution that it argues will help devices makers worldwide solve issues related to LTE spectrum band fragmentation by enabling single, global LTE design for mobile devices.