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Latest Headlines

SaskTel employs Oracle to create common IMS service core

SaskTel is deploying a single IP multimedia subsystem (IMS) network core that it says will support an all-IP network infrastructure for its growing mix of wireline and wireless customers.

Orange launches wholesale LTE roaming service

Orange launched a new wholesale service that will allow mobile operators to provide their customers with LTE services outside their domestic markets.

Oracle: Policy, online charging drive increase in LTE Diameter signaling

The rollout of LTE networks worldwide is driving adoption of the Diameter signaling protocol, and Oracle Communications is predicting LTE Diameter signaling traffic will grow more than twice as fast as mobile data traffic in general through 2017.

Report: Strong growth in LTE diameter signalling traffic expected

LTE diameter signaling traffic will grow at more than twice the rate of mobile data traffic through 2017, according to the second annual Oracle Communications LTE Diameter Signaling Index.

How operators are fighting against falling ARPU

By Anne Morris Recent first-quarter results published by operators across Europe provided a stark reminder of the issues they continue to face, with revenues flat or down and profitability tough to...

How to fight against falling ARPU

The economic downturn, increased regulation that has affected call termination rates and roaming costs, and the onslaughts from over-the-top players have created a perfect storm for operators. Operators are now taking steps to protect their future businesses, and are exploring ways to boost revenue, but monetising data is hard to do.

Tekelec takes Oracle deeper into telecoms

Oracle’s acquisition of telecom equipment vendor Tekelec is likely to spark a brace of takeovers by its financially secure rivals, a leading Ovum analyst says.  

Oracle adds Tekelec to growing telecom arsenal

Oracle Communications announced a deal to buy Tekelec for an undisclosed amount, adding to Oracle's growing in-house network control capabilities

Oracle snaps up Tekelec, strengthens policy control business

Oracle made another move to bolster its telecom equipment portfolio, reaching a deal Monday to acquire Tekelec for an undisclosed sum.

Jarich: IT vendors help make telecom cool again

  We're all friends here, so we can be honest--right? Okay. In the broader tech world, telecom isn't always seen as the sexiest or coolest segment of the market.