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Latest Headlines

Wi-Fi advocacy groups, auto industry spar over Wi-Fi Innovation Act

Several groups, including PCIA, TIA, the Wi-Fi Alliance, WiFiForward and the Wi-Fi Innovation Alliance, praised efforts by U.S. lawmakers to introduce the Wi-Fi Innovation Act, but a group of transportation industry officials still isn't happy with it.

With eye on 5G, FCC approves rules to speed up small cell and DAS deployments

WASHINGTON--The FCC voted to approve new rules designed to accelerate the deployment of wireless infrastructure, something carriers and the infrastructure industry have been clamoring for as operators look to densify their networks with new small cells, Distributed Antenna Systems and other network equipment.

PCIA praises FCC's upcoming infrastructure order, says it will speed up collocation

The FCC's expected move later this month to issue an order that speeds up infrastructure deployment will represent a "signal achievement" on the issue, according to PCIA President Jonathan Adelstein.

Rubio introduces legislation to free up federal spectrum for commercial use

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) said he will soon introduce legislation to reallocate up to 200 MHz of spectrum held by the government for commercial wireless use, establish a new spectrum auctions starting in 2018, and make it easier for federal agencies to relinquish their airwaves.

AT&T exec: We'll be adding 1,500 to 3,000 cell sites per year for 'foreseeable future'

ORLANDO, Fla.--AT&T Mobility will likely be adding between 1,500 and 3,000 macro cell sites to its network per year for the next few years as part of a wide-ranging effort to beef up its network and improve coverage and capacity, according to a senior AT&T executive.

PCIA 2014 to focus on network evolution, worker training and '5G'

PCIA, the wireless infrastructure's trade group, is holding its annual conference in Orlando, Fla., starting Tuesday, and it's clear that the organization has the future on its mind, both from a regulatory standpoint and the evolution of network technology.

Supreme Court to decide case on how cell tower permits can be denied

The U.S. Supreme Court agreed to decide a case that turns on whether local municipalities must provide detailed explanations to wireless carriers when they deny applications to build new cell towers.

SBA: Tower consolidation will come via sales from carriers

HOLLYWOOD BEACH, Fla.--Further consolidation in the U.S. cell tower market will come from carriers choosing to sell non-core wireless tower assets and not from tie-ups between publicly traded tower companies, according to SBA Communications CEO Jeffrey Stoops.

AT&T expects to launch first VoLTE smartphone this year

HOLLYWOOD BEACH, Fla.--AT&T Mobility expects to launch its first Voice over LTE smartphone by the end of the year as a prelude to a wider VoLTE deployment in 2014, according to a senior AT&T executive.

Sprint to use bandwidth aggregation, MIMO and CoMP to handle LTE traffic

HOLLYWOOD BEACH, Fla.--Sprint CTO Stephen Bye said there is no "silver bullet" in terms of what the carrier and its peers are doing to architect their networks to handle increased mobile data.