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Latest Headlines

AT&T solicits developers to spur tower competition: MoffettNathanson

Mobile network operators are increasingly pressuring tower companies to lower their fees and make it easier for carriers to maintain their antennas. And at least one major carrier is openly soliciting developers to build new towers close to existing structures to cut costs, according to MoffettNathanson Research.

Frontier taps FCC, PCIA staffer Saperstein to be VP of regulatory affairs

Frontier Communications has named Michael D. Saperstein, Jr. as vice president of regulatory affairs. The FCC and PCIA veteran will help shape the telco's regulatory affairs strategy as it doubles in size.

AT&T: Transition to SDN 'changing relationships' among vendors

AT&T is transitioning to software-defined networks (SDN) perhaps more aggressively than any other U.S. operator. And Susan Johnson, the operator's senior vice president of global supply chain, said Tuesday that transition provides a way for AT&T to increase the number of vendors with which it does business.

California approves law to speed up wireless infrastructure deployment

California's new law designed to speed up the deployment of wireless infrastructure should make life easier for installers across the Golden State.

Ericsson, PCIA press Congress to speed up wireless gear installations on federal lands

Both PCIA and Ericsson pushed Congress to streamline the installation of wireless network equipment on federal lands, arguing that the process right now is too cumbersome.

White House summit focuses on boosting technical training for the wireless industry

More than 60 wireless officials attended a summit at the White House last week to discuss the need to provide more technical training for workers in the wireless industry. The summit focused on two areas: improving wireless workforce training and attracting more military veterans to the industry.

HomeGrid leads industry trade groups in revenue gains, WCISA's revenues decline

Revenues at network installer-relevant trade groups are on the rise, led by the HomeGrid Forum, which more than doubled its earnings year-over-year. Four other industry trade groups--NCTA, PCIA, NATE and the Wire and Cable Industry Suppliers Association (WCISA)--showed similar trends in 2013 tax filings.

How much revenue do CTIA, PCIA and other trade associations take in?

The wireless industry and related telecom industries are full of trade associations, but their financing, revenue and operations can sometimes be opaque. Thanks to tax filings though, our sister publication  FierceCable  has published data from the telecom industry's 11 largest trade associations that show the groups' yearly revenues, trade show income and more.  Special report

The Wireless Innovation Act of 2015--a winning idea for installers, carriers and consumers

Last week, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) introduced the Wireless Innovation Act of 2015, which unfortunately didn't receive much attention. I say this because tower proponents believe the bill could be a win for tower companies and installers because it makes tower deployment less costly and easier to build.

PCIA, CTIA fight lawsuit seeking to block FCC rules that speed up infrastructure deployment

CTIA and PCIA are teaming up to fight a lawsuit by Montgomery County, Maryland, that seeks to toss out rules the FCC adopted last fall intended to speed up the deployment of wireless infrastructure.