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Latest Headlines

Sprint sells 900 MHz spectrum to firm led by Nextel co-founders

Pacific DataVision, led by former Nextel Communications co-founders Morgan O'Brien and Brian McAuley, acquired all of Sprint's 900 MHz licenses, giving it some 6 MHz of bandwidth nationwide for use in a push-to-talk radio network. The mobile workforce communications provider is also seeking FCC permission to launch a wireless broadband offering using its newly acquired spectrum.

Startup OnBeep promises push-to-talk wearable device by year-end

Startup OnBeep plans to launch a wearable product late this year that uses push-to-talk technology but can be paired with a smartphone to work across any network technology. The purpose of the product, which does not yet have a name, will be to enable hands-free, real-time group communication, according to CEO Jesse Robbins.

FirstNet vexed by shifts in public-safety LTE standards-setting

WESTMINSTER, Colo.--A brewing controversy over technical standards and hiring issues are some of the latest bugaboos haunting the First Responders Network Authority (FirstNet) as it crafts plans for the national public-safety broadband network (NPSBN).

Voxer focuses on enterprise, brings push-to-talk app to the Web

Voxer, which has started to shift its focus from providing a free, network-agnostic push-to-talk app to being a communications provider for businesses, accelerated that push Tuesday by introducing a Web-based client for its service.

Voxer pushes for a push-to-talk future in wake of iDEN shutdown

Push-to-talk is still very much alive and kicking, despite Sprint's recent shutdown of its iDEN Nextel network, and startup Voxer is proof of that.  FierceDeveloper contributor Jason Ankeny spoke to Voxer CTO Matt Ranney about the firm's push into the enterprise segment, the evolution of mobile voice communication and the importance of embracing native development. Find out more in this Developer Workshop.

SouthernLinc strikes deal to add nationwide GSM/UMTS to iDEN service

Regional carrier SouthernLinc struck an agreement with MVNE Prepaid Wireless Wholesale to add nationwide GSM and UMTS service to its iDEN network footprint, though it is unclear exactly which GSM network SouthernLinc will use for the effort.

SouthernLinc to continue iDEN business, plans 'solution' for nationwide coverage

Regional cellular carrier SouthernLinc said it will continue to invest in its iDEN network despite Sprint Nextel's decision to turn off its iDEN network by the middle of next year. However, SouthernLinc CEO Don Horsley said the carrier does have plans for a "nationwide solution" that SouthernLinc will launch in a "very short timeframe."

Sprint to charge iDEN subs $10 if they don't upgrade to CDMA

Starting Jan. 1 Sprint Nextel will begin charging Nextel iDEN customers who have not upgraded to Sprint's CDMA push-to-talk service an extra $10 per month. The step is being taken as Sprint continues to move toward the shutdown of the iDEN network by June 30, 2013.

AT&T goes after Sprint iDEN customers with Enhanced PTT service

AT&T Mobility is taking aim squarely at Sprint Nextel's remaining iDEN subscribers by announcing the full availability of its Enhanced Push-to-Talk offering as well as new smartphones for the service.

Sprint's ability to migrate iDEN subs to CDMA in focus for Q2

When Sprint Nextel reports its earnings for the second quarter Thursday, a key area of focus for analysts and industry watchers will be how many Nextel iDEN subscribers it was able to successfully convert to its enhanced CDMA network.