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Latest Headlines

Qualcomm's unlicensed LTE could crush carrier Wi-Fi's momentum

Qualcomm's recently announced push to see LTE services deployed on unlicensed spectrum raises lots of questions, chief of which is how this might impact the carrier Wi-Fi market.

China probes Qualcomm

The Chinese government and Qualcomm could be headed for a showdown over 4G patent royalties, and regulators have fired the first shot.   China's National Development and

Qualcomm faces probe in China ahead of LTE service launch

Qualcomm said China's National Development and Reform Commission started a probe related to an anti-monopoly law (AML) in the country. Analysts said the investigation could be an attempt to slow Qualcomm's business in the world's largest smartphone market.

ZTE plans smart watch for 2014 to challenge Samsung, others

ZTE plans to launch a smart watch of its own in the second quarter of next year to challenge Samsung Electronics and others, according to Lu Qianhao, ZTE's head of handset marketing strategy.

Qualcomm targets home networking power suckers

Qualcomm's newly unveiled Internet Processor product line for networking the "smarthome" via an always-on gateway puts the spotlight on an ugly reality regarding the envisioned Internet of Things: If we, our devices and homes are constantly connected to the cloud, that more than likely means the power-hungry network equipment in our residences is sucking up energy 24x7.

Report: Qualcomm cutting a small number of jobs

Chip giant Qualcomm is planning a small number of layoffs, but the precise number is not known, according to a  GigaOM  report.

Qualcomm wants LTE deployed on unlicensed spectrum

Qualcomm is interested in exploring the possibility of deploying LTE services on unlicensed spectrum, according to CEO Paul Jacobs.

Qualcomm puts focus on Internet of Things with new IPQ chips

Qualcomm is starting to put its money where its mouth is in terms of the Internet of Things and is introducing a chipset line designed specifically for connected devices inside homes.

Samsung ships 800K Galaxy Gear smart watches in 2 months

Samsung Electronics said it has shipped 800,000 Galaxy Gear smart watches in the two months after its debut despite middling reviews of the gadget.

Qualcomm's Toq smart watch: $349 and available Dec. 2

Qualcomm said it will begin selling its Toq smart watch on Dec. 2--Cyber Monday, the day after the Black Friday holiday shopping bonanza--for $349. Although Qualcomm has made it clear the device is more of a proof of concept than a mass market attack on the smart watch segment (the Toq is far more expensive than other smart watches on the market), the effort by Qualcomm is nonetheless notable as it represents a rare straight-to-consumer business effort from the world's largest maker of mobile silicon.