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Latest Headlines

China's Tsinghua Unigroup aiming to become powerhouse in smartphone chips

China's Tsinghua Unigroup is not a well-known brand in the West, but its recent acquisition spree could make it a much more significant player among fabless chip companies targeting the feature phone and smartphone sectors.

Qualcomm pitches Gobi modem as device differentiator

"The modem is truly the foundation of the mobile experience," said Alex Katouzian, senior vice president of product management for Qualcomm Technologies in his keynote last week at the company's first modem workshop. The chipmaking giant invited press and analysts to the private modem event in San Francisco, where Qualcomm made a case for increased industry attention to competitive benchmarking of modem performance.

Nvidia not targeting Tegra 4i- chip with LTE modem- at U.S. market initially

The first products with Nvidia's Tegra 4i chipset, which combines the company's application processor with an LTE modem, will be rolling into the market in the first half of next year, but likely will not be aimed at the U.S. market, according to CEO Jen-Hsun Huang.

Qualcomm's revenues jump 33%, but firm warns of coming slowdown

Qualcomm, the world's largest supplier of silicon to smartphones, warned that its growth rate would slow next year due to increases in the sale of less expensive phones, among other reasons. The news sent the company's stock down slightly in trading this morning to around $67 per share. However, the company, in its just completed fiscal fourth quarter, notched significant increases in earnings and sales.

IHS: Qualcomm could grab cut of set-top chip market

Qualcomm, which has made a business manufacturing chips for smartphones, is emerging as a "serious contender" in the market for set-top chips, IHS said in a research report released Friday.

Qualcomm acquires Arteris' NoC tech assets, team

Confirming rumors that a deal was in the works, a subsidiary of Qualcomm has acquired technology asssets and hired nearly two dozen employees from Arteris, a French firm that licenses network-on-chip interconnect IP technology.

Intel ships multimode LTE modem, unveils LTE module

"Intel Inside" now extends to multimode LTE modems aimed at tablets and smartphones as the vendor makes an impressive play for a part of the chip market currently owned by Qualcomm.

LTE Broadcast still far off in Europe, but coming into focus

LTE Broadcast is probably still some way ahead in Europe as operators continue to focus on their macro LTE services launches, but the interest in the technology's potential is clearly there. While operators such as EE see cost savings through the optimisation of spectrum and backhaul as an early opportunity for the technology, other use cases are expected to emerge over time, with events currently expected to be the initial launch pad for service offerings.

In wearables, more questions than answers

SAN FRANCISCO--As interest grows in the wearables space, the current leaders in the market remain largely divided on how the segment will progress and where it is headed. However, most agree that the wearables space is poised to bloom.

Mallinson: Can European wireless vendors reclaim their past glory?

It is vital that the European development community--from silicon design to software applications--work to benefit from making, using, optimizing and commercializing 4G LTE here at home. Thankfully, and most importantly, market growth potential for mobile and wirelessly connected devices and services is substantial and certain. However, we can't be effective in developing 5G or becoming leaders in providing it to the world if we are not even on the pace in 4G.