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Latest Headlines

Google launches Open Automotive Alliance to push Android into connected cars

LAS VEGAS--Google, as had been rumored, launched a new partnership with a number of automakers to bring its Android mobile operating systems into connected cars. The alliance, announced as the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show is getting under way here, also serves as a counterbalance to a similar effort Apple launched to bring its iOS platform to car dashboards.

TeraDeep hopes to see Apple, Qualcomm, others use its artificial intelligence technology

Purdue University researchers are developing a neural-networking chip whose underlying artificial intelligence technology could be used by leading manufacturers to add image-recognition capabilities to mobile devices.

Qualcomm, Anritsu team on demo of 300 Mbps carrier aggregation

A new Gobi modem from Qualcomm delivered peak data rates of 300 Mbps on the downlink using LTE Advanced carrier aggregation over an Anritsu network simulator.

Wearables will be everywhere at CES, but skepticism abounds

Wearable computing seems likely to be one of the major themes of the Consumer Electronics Show kicking off next week, with smart watches being the most prominent segment in wearables right now.  However, there is a good deal fo skepticism among analysts about whether or not the wave of hype around wearables will translate into devices consumers actually want to use on ongoing basis.

Intel CEO Krzanich promises focus on wearables, tablets at CES

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich has a tall order ahead of him next week as a keynote speaker at the Consumer Electronics Show: He must not only explain but also show why Intel is relevant in a world that is increasingly mobile. In an interview with  Re/code, Krzanich laid out the company's priorities for CES, which include an emphasis on wearable computing, next-generation tablets and the Internet of Things.

Qualcomm's Mollenkopf will need to deal with China issues

Qualcomm announced last month that COO Steve Mollenkopf will succeed Paul Jacobs as Qualcomm's new CEO next March, and between now and then--and perhaps for a long period thereafter--he will need to shore up the company's business in China, the world's largest smartphone market.

Brain chips offer a new approach to crunching data

The age of biological computing is just around the corner, as new computer chips will enable devices to absorb new information and adjust their functions based on what they have learned.

Qualcomm names Paul Jacobs' successor

Qualcomm has named chief operating officer Steve Mollenkopf as the successor to chief executive and president Paul Jacobs.   The promotion,

Qualcomm names Mollenkopf to succeed Jacobs as CEO

Qualcomm said COO Steve Mollenkopf will succeed Paul Jacobs as CEO next March, which would end an era in which the Jacobs family has held sway at the chipset giant.

Mozilla forms group to make sure Firefox OS devices comply with open web standards

Mozilla joined with a wide range of partners to ensure that devices running the Firefox OS comply with open web standards, which sit at the heart of both Mozilla and the operating system.