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Latest Headlines

Intel CEO Krzanich promises focus on wearables, tablets at CES

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich has a tall order ahead of him next week as a keynote speaker at the Consumer Electronics Show: He must not only explain but also show why Intel is relevant in a world that is increasingly mobile. In an interview with  Re/code, Krzanich laid out the company's priorities for CES, which include an emphasis on wearable computing, next-generation tablets and the Internet of Things.

Qualcomm's Mollenkopf will need to deal with China issues

Qualcomm announced last month that COO Steve Mollenkopf will succeed Paul Jacobs as Qualcomm's new CEO next March, and between now and then--and perhaps for a long period thereafter--he will need to shore up the company's business in China, the world's largest smartphone market.

Brain chips offer a new approach to crunching data

The age of biological computing is just around the corner, as new computer chips will enable devices to absorb new information and adjust their functions based on what they have learned.

Qualcomm names Paul Jacobs' successor

Qualcomm has named chief operating officer Steve Mollenkopf as the successor to chief executive and president Paul Jacobs.   The promotion,

Qualcomm names Mollenkopf to succeed Jacobs as CEO

Qualcomm said COO Steve Mollenkopf will succeed Paul Jacobs as CEO next March, which would end an era in which the Jacobs family has held sway at the chipset giant.

Mozilla forms group to make sure Firefox OS devices comply with open web standards

Mozilla joined with a wide range of partners to ensure that devices running the Firefox OS comply with open web standards, which sit at the heart of both Mozilla and the operating system.

Alliance for Wireless Power launches 'Rezence' brand for wireless charging

The Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP) said will launch a certification program for wirelessly charging devices by the end of this year and will use the brand name "Rezence" for consumer-facing products.

Chinese official says there is 'substantial' price-fixing evidence against Qualcomm

A top Chinese antitrust official said there is "substantial evidence against" Qualcomm in a price-fixing investigation.

Qualcomm, Estimote targeting the micro-location market

The use of micro-location as a boost for retail sales and other applications is getting more attention. Not only did this week bring news from Qualcomm regarding a new commercial product release, but a startup also raked in a seed round of funding to launch its beacon business.

Using Qualcomm's AllJoyn, AllSeen Alliance launches to create standard for Internet of Things

In an effort to kick start the creation of standards for the emerging Internet of Things trend, Qualcomm said it has given the code behind its AllJoyn framework to the Linux Foundation. In turn, the Linux Foundation said it created the new AllSeen Alliance that will use AllJoyn to develop a new interoperable standard for connecting devices and objects to the Internet.