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Latest Headlines

Report: Alcatel-Lucent close to small cell deal with French operator

Alcatel-Lucent is on the verge of winning a contract from a domestic French operator that would see the struggling manufacturer provide small cells for improved mobile coverage in France, Reuters has reported.

Wireless in the third quarter of 2013

How did the wireless industry perform in the third quarter of 2013? Check here throughout the third-quarter earnings report season for full earnings reports from the wireless industry's carriers,...

Qualcomm joins PMA but continues to push for single wireless charging standard

Qualcomm is now a member of three competition bodies that are pushing wireless charging solutions. The company hopes that by having a foot in the three camps it can harmonize the different standards into a single one.

What can you actually do in a connected car?

Executives from wireless carriers have repeatedly said over the last few years that the connected car represents a massive new opportunity. AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson has been particularly vocal about the possibilities: "The way we think about the car is that it's just a big smartphone on wheels," Stephenson said earlier this year at Mobile World Congress. "The connected car will become just as routine as people carrying a smartphone."

AT&T to use Lower 700 MHz D and E Block spectrum for LTE Broadcast

AT&T plans to use the 700 MHz Lower D and E Block licenses it acquired in 2011 from Qualcomm for an LTE Broadcast service, according to AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson.

LTE Broadcast: Coming to a European operator soon?

LTE Broadcast was much in conversation at this year's broadcasting convension, IBC. So far Verizon Wireless and Telstra have publicly committed to the technology to varying degrees, and some in the industry are saying that the technology has more chance of succeeding where others failed.

AT&T's Donovan: Work with Qualcomm, network vendors made 700 MHz interoperability possible

AT&T worked with Qualcomm and its network vendor partners to implement a 700 MHz interoperability solution that will allow the carrier to support Band Class 12 devices, according to a senior AT&T executive.

Qualcomm's new Wi-Fi platform targets Internet of Everything

Qualcomm is making a new M2M play via a low-power, single-chip Wi-Fi platform aimed at major home appliances and consumer electronics. The chip vendor has already partnered with Chinese appliance maker Haeir on a washer/dryer combo and an air conditioner unit, both of which are on display at the IFA event in Berlin.

Despite LTE push, Qualcomm promises CDMA enhancements

Qualcomm may be the leading chipset provider in terms of LTE, but that doesn't mean it's turning its back on its CDMA customers or heritage, according to a senior executive.

Samsung, Qualcomm announce competing smart watches: Galaxy Gear vs. Toq

Samsung Electronics, as expected, announced its Galaxy Gear smart watch and the company's next phablet, the Galaxy Note III, at a media event just ahead of the start of the IFA consumer electronics trade show in Berlin. Meanwhile, chipmaker Qualcomm announced at virtually the exact same time its own smart watch, dubbed the Toq, during its Uplinq developer conference in San Diego.