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Latest Headlines

Court dismisses Nokia complaint against Qualcomm

After a slew of setbacks surrounding the company's license fights in court, Qualcomm won a victory

Study shows untapped mobile broadband PC market

Research from the GSM Association and Microsoft suggests significant demand for mobile broadband embedded notebooks exists at the right form factor, price and out-of-the-box connectivity. The GSMA

Let's forget about the "mobile wallet"

Let's forget about the "mobile wallet" The term "mobile wallet" has always bothered me--not just because of the hype it seems to carry with it, but because of its redundancy. My wallet has always

Qualcomm buys Firethorn for $210M

Developer giant Qualcomm announced it will acquire mobile banking enabler Firethorn Holdings for approximately $210 million in cash. The deal is expected to close within 30 days. According to

ALSO NOTED: Court dismisses Nokia complaint; CTIA: 250M subs in U.S.; and much more...

> A court in the Netherlands dismissed Nokia's claim that Qualcomm's European patents are exhausted with respect to chips placed on the European market by Texas Instruments.

Are Qualcomm's fundamentals beginning to crack?

Publisher's Note:   If you're someone based in Europe or who follows the European wireless market, I have some good news: Today we launched a new, Europe-focused edition of FierceWireless. The new

Qualcomm CEO: WiMAX will suffer against 3G

Qualcomm shows no signs of warming up to WiMAX. Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs said during the company's quarterly conference call with analysts that WiMAX will "suffer in the face of competition from 3G."

Qualcomm's Q4 includes 84% jump in net income

Qualcomm posted a strong fourth quarter as net income rose 84 percent, which is more than the company forecasted in September. Year-on-year revenue growth also enjoyed a 15 percent raise to $2.31

Qualcomm capitalizes on shift to NGNs

According to a poll of financial analysts conducted by Thomson, Qualcomm is expected to report a 24.43 percent year-over-year jump in net income for the quarter ending in September. Analysts also

Google details cell phone agenda

After months of rumors and speculation, Google has finally revealed some details of its ambitious cellular phone agenda. The company said today that it is creating a new cell phone platform, called