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Latest Headlines

Novarra raises $50M from Qualcomm, others

Mobile Internet browser technology developer Novarra has quietly raised $50 million in venture capital, led by return backer JK&B Capital. The round also includes a strategic investment from

Qualcomm: No deal with Broadcom

Qualcomm said a settlement with rival vendor Broadcom is not likely given the potential impact on the CDMA innovator's licensing business. During its quarterly results announcement last week,

Qualcomm's Q3 beats targets, raises expectations

Qualcomm posted a very strong third quarter: adjusted earnings came in at $934 million, a 29 percent increase over year-ago levels and up 11 percent from Q2. Sales for the quarter came in at $2.33

ALSO NOTED: Qualcomm's new base station design; First (?) SMS book? and much more...

> Qualcomm announces new ultra mobile base station reference design. Release

What's eating Qualcomm Inc.?

  What's Eating Qualcomm Inc.? At first blush, you might answer: What isn't? Its closest ally, Verizon Wireless, has just inked a deal with its litigious arch-nemesis Broadcom. The EU has

Qualcomm captures mobile chipset lead from TI

According to a report from iSuppli, for the first time since the research group started the yearly reports, during Q1 Qualcomm surpassed Texas Instruments as the world leader in circuited chipsets

ALSO NOTED: Qualcomm CEO sells shares; Boston Comm. hurt by Amp'd; and much more...

> Phone tower "allergy" really just hypochondria, study says. Article > Qualcomm CEO sells some shares.

Appeals court rejects Qualcomm request

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit on Friday rejected Qualcomm's request to delay an import ban on new mobile devices containing the company's chips, which the International Trade

Qualcomm to repay VZW for Broadcom deal?

Verizon Wireless president and CEO Lowell McAdam indicated that the carrier was looking into "opportunities to mitigate" the costs associated with its recent deal with Broadcom, which may

Verizon cuts deal with Broadcom

In a surprising move, Verizon Wireless announced that it had entered into a licensing deal with Broadcom so it can continue to import and sell devices that are the subject of a patent dispute between