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Latest Headlines

Qualcomm rejects Broadcom pact

Qualcomm said it would not agree to a patent-settlement proposal from Broadcom that Qualcomm estimated would cost it between $1.5 billion and $2 billion over the next three years. Qualcomm said

Patent rites

The air seemed to leave the room during Paul Jacobs' annual keynote address at last week's BREW 2007 conference as the Qualcomm CEO turned his focus to the subject on everyone's minds: his company's

Verizon's Harrobin: Integration harder than expected

Qualcomm's largest BREW platform customer, Verizon Wireless, took the stage on the last day of Qualcomm's BREW conference in San Diego on Friday to provide an update on Verizon's

Driving multiplayer games with BREW

Exit Games USA's CEO Tom Sperry believes in the future of multiplayer mobile gaming. His company launched BREW Extension in 2005--the only public BREW multiplayer API for game developers and

Flash Lite's role in the BREW ecosystem

At last year's BREW 2006 conference, Qualcomm and Adobe Systems announced they were developing a beta program to bring Adobe's multimedia Flash player technology to BREW handsets. By late October,

Breaking up BREW: How is the platform evolving?

BREW is no longer just an end-to-end solution and the folks at Qualcomm will be touting BREW's evolution and its many different uses. In particular, expect to hear a lot about uiOne, BREW's interface

Nokia: Patent dispute may delay 3G

Nokia says that its patent dispute with Qualcomm may delay global uptake of 3G data. Nokia and Qualcomm have been locking horns since a cross-licensing patent agreement expired last month. Nokia

Qualcomm's licensing revenues rose 19 percent

Qualcomm announced an increase of revenue to $2.2 billion, up 21 percent year-over-year for its second quarter. Net income increased 22 percent to $726 million. While Nokia's dispute with Qualcomm

SPOTLIGHT: Qualcomm buys SoC assets from TeleCIS

Earlier this week, Qualcomm purchased the system-on-a-chip engineering assets from WiMAX chipset vendor TeleCIS Wireless for an undisclosed amount, giving Qualcomm an entry into the mobile WiMAX

Rumor Mill: Sanyo's mobile biz for sale next?

Reports have already surfaced that Sanyo has appointed Goldman Sachs to oversee its semiconductor business sale, but now rumors are floating that the rest of the company's mobile business will go,