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Touchscreen Technology

by Brian Dolan Apple's iPhone has served as a stake in the ground for a number of growing trends that are creeping up in advanced feature phones, but more than any other, the handset may one day be

Change is BREWing

Change is BREWing I've been writing about BREW since 2002 when Verizon Wireless announced that it was using Qualcomm Internet Services technology to power its "Get It Now" content download service.

Tapping the touchscreen phenomenon

Phones such as Apple's iPhone and the LG Prada phone have made resistive touchscreens the latest phenomenon in handset design. Both phones make use of Synaptic's capacitive technology that enables

Delivering personalized content

Expect personalization to be a hot topic at BREW. Qualcomm has been talking a lot about its purchase of Xiam last March and how that company will help it take personalization to the next level

"Open" BREW?

Look for Qualcomm to loosen some of the walled-garden constraints it has around BREW to create a more "open" platform for mobile Internet services at next week's conference. The overall shape this

Femtocell announcements bring market momentum; questions still remain

A few big announcements in the femtocell arena this week should give this market some good momentum. First, Qualcomm made a significant yet unknown investment in ip.access' Oyster 3G system, which

Qualcomm buys into femtocell developer

The burgeoning femtocell market has been given a significant boost following the decision by Qualcomm Ventures to acquire a shareholding in the U.K.-based developer ip.access. This move by one of the


Wednesday, May 28 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Happy Hour in the Partner Pavilion 5:30 p.m. BREW Developer Awards in the Partner Pavilion 7:30 p.m. BREW Welcome Reception, Children's Museum Thursday, May

Qualcomm invests in femtocell maker ip.access

Femtocell and picocell maker ip.access received a financial boost from Qualcomm. The company joined existing investors Cisco, Intel Capital, ADC, Motorola Ventures, Scottish Equity Partners,

On the Hot Seat with BREW's Andrew Gilbert

BREW's Andrew Gilbert On the eve of the annual BREW confab in San Diego, Sue Marek, editor in chief of FierceDeveloper talked to Andrew Gilbert, executive vice president and president of