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How low did Qualcomm go on the royalty front?

Nokia and Qualcomm have now settled their nasty patent disputes that spanned three years across the U.S., Europe and Asia. What was primarily at issue was the renegotiation of a patent agreement

Qualcomm, Nokia end long-standing patent disputes

The many bitter patent disputes between Qualcomm and Nokia have finally ended. The two telecom giants announced they have entered into a new 15-year patent agreement that effectively settles all

Femtocell design tested for LTE compliance

With LTE being seen as a major boost to the future success of femtocells, the joint testing of a reference design against the proposed LTE standard should help with its chances. The joint testing has

Nokia gains patent victory over Qualcomm in Germany

As a key trial between Qualcomm and Nokia begins today over WCDMA patents, Nokia gained some ammunition in Germany. The German Federal Patent Court ruled that a Qualcomm patent pertaining to GSM

Nokia, Qualcomm head to court this week over CDMA patents

The simmering battle between Qualcomm and Nokia is heating up again as the two technology giants head to court on Wednesday to determine whether Qualcomm charges too high of royalties for CDMA. While

Qualcomm raises forecasts on 3G sales

Qualcomm increased its expectations for the current quarter and fiscal year as demand for 3G chips rose. Qualcomm said it anticipates revenue for the quarter ending June 29 to be "slightly above" the

Sprint adds 4 new PTT phones

Sprint Nextel will launch four new Direct Connect phones in about 47 markets on June 15. The phones will be powered by Qualcomm's QChat next-generation push-to-talk technology that uses Sprint's

Motorola will release 700 MHz LTE products in 2009

Motorola is gearing up for an onslaught of demand for LTE equipment in the 700 MHz band and the 2.6 GHz band. The company says that the first commercial release of products for these new spectrum

Seybold: Intel's WiMAX Exit Strategy?

Rumors are swirling around the analyst community that Intel is losing its patience, and money, with WiMAX. Some believe that it is looking to pull the plug on its involvement as it has done with

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