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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Otono Networks' new MVNO, Krew Mobile, targets parents and youngsters with remotely activated SIMs

Otono Networks is growing its little family of branded MVNOs targeted at very specific niches. And once again it's hoping to use self-activating SIM cards as a differentiator.

Ready SIM offers unique spin on MVNO market, hopes to sell 300K SIMs in 2013

Ready SIM, a T-Mobile USA MVNO that is part of Roam Mobility, is looking to take a different path than most MVNOs by focusing less on unlimited prepaid service and more on its unique mobile offering. Ready SIM offers customers self-activating SIM cards with preloaded rate plans on them, and the company expects to sell 300,000 SIMs by the end of the year.

Solavei, Ready SIM promise LTE support as soon as T-Mobile launches network

T-Mobile USA MVNOs Ready SIM and Solavei confirmed that they will start offering LTE service once T-Mobile launches its LTE network later this year.

Ultra Mobile, Ready SIM and Voyager highlight busy week for MVNOs

The world of MVNOs got a bit more interesting this week with the launch of a new T-Mobile USA MVNO, Ready SIM, as well as the expansion of services offered by Ultra Mobile and Voyager Mobile.