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Latest Headlines

What the Cincinnati Bell Wireless collapse means for the industry and the upcoming spectrum auctions

Cincinnati Bell, the nation's ninth-largest wireless carrier, announced that it will shut down its wireless network and sell its spectrum--essentially an acknowledgement that it cannot compete in today's wireless industry. So what does this mean for the rest of the nation's smaller regional wireless players that continue to struggle to compete with the Tier 1 wireless operators?

Regional wireless carrier Revol to shutter operations Jan. 16, some Revol stores switch to Boost

Regional flat-rate CDMA operator Revol Wireless announced it is going out of business. The carrier said it has stopped taking payments and will no longer provide service starting Jan. 16.

Sprint buys Revol's PCS spectrum licenses in Ohio as Revol winds down

Regional wireless carrier Revol Wireless is selling 12 PCS spectrum licenses in the Ohio area to Sprint. The transaction appears to be part of a wider effort by Revol to shore up its struggling business.

Revol sidesteps bankruptcy, plans LG Android smartphone

Regional, flat-rate CDMA operator Revol Wireless reached an agreement late last month with bondholders that the company said will prevent a possible bankruptcy. Scott Bergs, Revol's chief operating