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Latest Headlines

Jibe Mobile CEO says RCS isn't dead, points to native IP messaging embedded on smartphones

BARCELONA, Spain--Jibe Mobile CEO Amir Sarhangi thinks Rich Communications Services (RCS), carriers' answer to over-the-top messaging services, is not dead--far from it. For a long time it was hard to take that position seriously, but Sarhangi said that there is growing momentum behind RCS because smartphone makers are embedding phones with RCS software, which combines IP messaging and traditional SMS messaging into a single service.

Sprint, AT&T inch toward RCS-based joyn launches

Sprint and AT&T Mobility both appear to be preparing their networks for a launch of RCS-based messaging services, which the GSMA and some European carriers are promoting through the "joyn" brand. However, it remains unclear exactly how Sprint and AT&T will launch their respective services, and whether they too will offer them under the "joyn" brand.

MetroPCS says joyn launch proceeding smoothly despite DT's troubles

MetroPCS said its deployment of Rich Communication Services under the GSMA's joyn brand is humming along just fine. The comments are notable considering the technical difficulties Deutsche Telekom is experiencing in Germany that have forced the carrier to indefinitely delay launching joyn there.

MetroPCS expands joyn messaging service to more smartphones

MetroPCS is bringing Rich Communication Services under the GSMA's joyn brand to more of its LTE smartphones. The joyn service is part of an effort by carriers worldwide to counter the rise of over-the-top communications services like WhatsApp, Apple's iMessage and Facebook's Messenger.

MetroPCS launches RCS under GSMA's joyn brand

MetroPCS today launched Rich Communication Services under the GSMA's joyn brand. The effort is an attempt by the carrier to enhance its messaging offerings and counter the rise of over-the-top communications services like WhatsApp, Apple's iMessage and Facebook's Messenger.

Amid subscriber declines, MetroPCS plans RCS launch for tomorrow

MetroPCS posted significant gains in revenue, adjusted EBITDA and churn, but the carrier lost a whopping 312,291 customers during its third quarter. Indeed, MetroPCS' subscriber base has shrunk from around 9.15 million people a year ago to 8.98 million people at the end of the third quarter.

MetroPCS: We won't sacrifice smartphone portfolio for the iPhone

MetroPCS is open to the idea of selling an LTE iPhone from Apple, but not if doing so would hurt the carrier's ability to sell the smartphones it has already committed to, according to a senior executive.

Joyn is SMS version 2.0, but will it help carriers stem the OTT tide?

Remember SMS? Wireless carriers sure do. Text messages cost 10 cents each and require virtually nothing in the way of network resources. Compare that with the falling price of a MB of data and the