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Latest Headlines

T-Mobile remains mum on subscriber gains from collapse of MVNO Solavei

T-Mobile isn't saying how many direct new customers it gained following the collapse of the MVNO Solavei last week.

T-Mobile MVNO Solavei plans to expand to Mexico, launch new social commerce tools this year

T-Mobile US MVNO Solavei, which is seeking to emerge from bankruptcy protection in the next few weeks, plans to expand to Mexico and other Latin American markets later this year, according to CEO Ryan Wuerch. The company also plans to launch new offerings on its Solavei Marketplace program by the end of June.

T-Mobile MVNO Solavei to exit bankruptcy, merge with mobile solutions provider ASPIDER

Six months after T-Mobile US MVNO Solavei announced it was going to launch into a new phase of its development, the company said it filed a bankruptcy reorganization plan to merge with ASPIDER, a Netherlands-based Infrastructure as a Service provider that works with mobile operators. Terms of the deal remain confidential.

T-Mobile MVNO Solavei plans to launch 'phase 2' on Oct. 1

LAS VEGAS--T-Mobile US MVNO Solavei plans to launch its "phase two" services on Oct. 1, said CEO Ryan Wuerch. He said phase two would include a new compensation scheme, a refined focus on the Hispanic market and new offerings on its Solavei Marketplace program.

Solavei's CEO: Bankruptcy has caused 'very little attrition' among MVNO's 101,500 customers

Just a few weeks after filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, Solavei CEO Ryan Wuerch said that the company is doing better than expected. "We're actually doing far better than we anticipated," he told  FierceWireless, estimating that only around 5 percent of the company's customers know about its bankruptcy filing. "We've had very little attrition."

Exclusive: Solavei to launch Marketplace loyalty payment program in September

LAS VEGAS--T-Mobile US MVNO Solavei plans to launch a loyalty card program that will allow customers to obtain 2-15 percent discounts from participating retailers as well as additional savings through the company's tiered membership structure. Solavei plans to launch the offering sometime in September.

Solavei counts 65,000 members, pays out $1M in commissions

Solavei today said it now counts more than 65,000 "members" on its service. The T-Mobile USA MVNO also said that it has paid out more than $1 million in commissions to its customers.

Solavei exec says the company made $5M in revenue in first 2 weeks

T-Mobile USA MVNO Solavei has so far racked up 30,000 "members" during the first two weeks its service has been available.

MVNO Solavei launches $49 unlimited plan using T-Mobile's network

Solavei, the mobile virtual network operator founded by former Motricity CEO Ryan Wuerch, launched today with a $49 unlimited voice, text and data plan. The MVNO, which rides on T-Mobile's GSM network, said it has more than 25,000 customers who will promote the service to their friends, family and colleagues and earn cash in the process.  

Former Motricity exec to launch MVNO Solavei on T-Mobile's network

Former Motricity CEO Ryan Wuerch is getting back in the wireless game with the upcoming launch of Solavei, a mobile virtual network operator with an unusual business model that will use its customers to tout its $49 per month unlimited voice, text and data plan to their friends and earn extra cash in the process.