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Latest Headlines

Sharp to begin production of OLED panels next year, potentially benefiting Apple

Sharp will begin shipping OLED panels next year in a move that may give Apple a third potential supplier of displays for the iPhone.

Deutsche Telekom launches Wi-Fi calling in Germany

Deutsche Telekom has become the latest European operator to launch Wi-Fi calling as part of efforts to enable users to make calls where cellular network coverage is poor or non-existent.

Wang: Smartphones and virtual reality need each other, for now

The rise of virtual reality is coming at an interesting time for the smartphone business. High-end smartphone growth is facing challenges in a quickly maturing market due to slower innovation, rise of the "good-enough" smartphone, competitive Chinese device manufacturers and the trend of consumers upgrading more infrequently in a saturated market. Even Apple is experiencing smartphone growth issues, selling about 16 percent fewer iPhones while making about 18 percent less revenues on iPhone sales in 2Q 2016 versus the same period last year.

Samsung to invest $1.2B in IoT in the U.S.

Samsung announced plans to spend roughly $1.2 billion in the U.S. over the next four years for the research and development of IoT technologies. The world's largest smartphone vendor expressed its desire for a "human-centered approach" to the IoT, emphasizing openness and collaboration and focusing on objectives such as helping people in their homes and keeping them healthy.

Report: Samsung to boost OLED production to meet Apple's demand

Samsung will ramp up production of OLED displays by more than 50 percent to meet demand from Apple and other smartphone vendors, according to a report from  Nikkei.

Samsung to acquire Joyent to expand software and services business

Samsung said it will acquire the U.S. cloud services company Joyent as it continues to expand beyond its hardware business into the broader world of software and services. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

IC Insights: Eight of the world's top 12 smartphone vendors are based in China

Samsung retained its crown as the world's top smartphone vendor in the first quarter of 2016, according to IC Insights, but eight of the 12 largest smartphone companies are based in China.

Huawei aims to topple Samsung and Apple to become No. 1 smartphone vendor worldwide

Huawei aims to be the top-selling smartphone vendor in the world in the next few years, passing No. 1 Samsung and second-place Apple. But the Chinese company will likely have to make big strides in the U.S. to do so.

Justice Department urges Supreme Court to return Apple's case against Samsung to lower court

The U.S. Department of Justice filed a legal brief asking the Supreme Court to return Apple's high-profile patent case against Samsung to a trial court for more litigation, according to  Reuters, and overturn an earlier ruling in favor of the iPhone vendor.

Apple smartphones dominate Telia Denmark's top-10 sellers in May

Apple received good news from Telia Denmark, which announced that the U.S. smartphone maker's devices remained among the most popular with its customers during May.