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Latest Headlines

Samsung hits back at Huawei as patent feud escalates

Samsung struck back at Huawei, filing suits in multiple courts in China claiming the smaller smartphone vendor has infringed on six of its patents,  Reuters  reported.

Nokia and Samsung expand patent licensing deal

Nokia and Samsung inked another patent licensing deal, building on a pivotal alliance they initially announced in February. Exactly what intellectual property the new pact covers, though, isn't clear.

Kantar: 'Apple versus Samsung is so over'

Samsung and Apple are the two dominant smartphone vendors on the planet, but they're facing increasingly stiff competition in international markets, according to fresh data from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech. In the U.S., though, both companies maintain loyal customer bases – for now, at least.

Samsung predicts $7B Q2 operating profit as U.S. carriers boost sales

Samsung said it expects to report roughly $7 billion in operating profit during the second quarter of 2016 off $43 billion in revenue. That would mark the biggest quarterly operating profit for the company since early 2014 and an impressive 41 percent year-over-year jump in profits.

IDC: Smart connected devices market in Nordics declines 12.5% in Q1 2016

Apple remained market leader in the Nordics and increased its share of the detachable market to 39.5 per cent.

Verizon and Samsung launch femtocell for consumers and small businesses

Verizon and Samsung are targeting consumers and small businesses with a new 4G femtocell.

Sharp to begin production of OLED panels next year, potentially benefiting Apple

Sharp will begin shipping OLED panels next year in a move that may give Apple a third potential supplier of displays for the iPhone.

Deutsche Telekom launches Wi-Fi calling in Germany

Deutsche Telekom has become the latest European operator to launch Wi-Fi calling as part of efforts to enable users to make calls where cellular network coverage is poor or non-existent.

Wang: Smartphones and virtual reality need each other, for now

The rise of virtual reality is coming at an interesting time for the smartphone business. High-end smartphone growth is facing challenges in a quickly maturing market due to slower innovation, rise of the "good-enough" smartphone, competitive Chinese device manufacturers and the trend of consumers upgrading more infrequently in a saturated market. Even Apple is experiencing smartphone growth issues, selling about 16 percent fewer iPhones while making about 18 percent less revenues on iPhone sales in 2Q 2016 versus the same period last year.

Samsung to invest $1.2B in IoT in the U.S.

Samsung announced plans to spend roughly $1.2 billion in the U.S. over the next four years for the research and development of IoT technologies. The world's largest smartphone vendor expressed its desire for a "human-centered approach" to the IoT, emphasizing openness and collaboration and focusing on objectives such as helping people in their homes and keeping them healthy.