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Latest Headlines

Broadcom CEO: We will have 'significant number' of wins in wearable computing market

Broadcom CEO Scott McGregor is banking on the idea that there will be a wide array of companies interested in creating wearable computing devices, and that Broadcom will be able to sell its wireless chips into that new category.

Broadcom challenges Qualcomm, Samsung in LTE modem market

Broadcom announced its intention to enter the LTE modem market with a chip the company boasted as one of the world's smallest, fastest and most capable. The chip, set to ship next year, puts Broadcom on a collision course with LTE modem market leaders Qualcomm and Samsung. The move will also create more competition for Intel, which has announced its intention to enter into the LTE modem market.

Broadcom CEO: We will monetize our patents

BARCELONA, Spain--Broadcom CEO Scott McGregor said the company plans to make money off its patent portfolio in the future, comments that indicate Broadcom is following the rest of the wireless