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Latest Headlines

Report: Microsoft to bring Cortana digital assistant to Android, iOS

Microsoft is going to enhance its Cortana digital assistant for its own Windows 10 platform and then offer it as a standalone app on other platforms including Google's Android and Apple's iOS, according to a Reuters report.

What developers can do to bring artificial intelligence to mobile apps

Artificial intelligence (AI) may have seemed out of reach to many app developers in the past, but a growing number of APIs and third-party platforms are creating opportunities to change that, both within the consumer and the enterprise space.

Will developers bring Siri, Google Now and Cortana-like features to their apps?

With the rise of Siri on iOS, Google Now on Android and Cortana on Microsoft Windows Phone 8, the concept of speech-enabled assistants that can ease tasks or even tackle them before being asked is becoming a more common smartphone experience. Experts call this "anticipatory computing," and though it can take many forms, it's voice-driven content discovery that may be the first to make its way into developers' hands. Special report

Anticipatory computing: The quest for Siri or Google Now-type features for app developers

As frustrated iPhone owners have known for a few years now, there are some things Siri just can't understand. Like this: "Siri, help me to get functionality like yours into my own mobile apps."

Siri API reports spark developers' imaginations

Reports surfaced that Apple is considering offering up the Siri API to third-party developers as it potentially creates an "iWatch" or some kind of wearable computing device that runs on iOS. Though Apple, of course, has admitted nothing, that didn't stop a number of developers on Twitter from getting really excited about the possibilities.

Nuance teams with Rovi to deliver voice-activated TVs, tablets and more

BERLIN--Nuance, the voice technology platform behind Apple's Siri, is teaming with Rovi Corp. to bring voice activation and content discovery to millions of new devices such as tablets, TVs, PCs and more.

Developers choose sides in Siri-Google Glass feud

They represent some of the most innovative ways in which Apple and Google are trying to increase engagement with consumers, but developers couldn't get enough of the humor inspired by a mock feud between iOS virtual assistant Siri and the wearable technology Google Glass last week.

Apple can ease digital overload

Apple has excelled at identifying an unmet need and serving it–the iPhone and iPad being obvious examples.

Dish Network trademarks Otto for voice recognition software

Dish Network has filed several trademark applications to utilize the brand Otto for voice recognition software that could be used to power both its satellite TV service and the mobile phone product it is developing.

Report: Before Apple swooped in, Verizon planned to add Siri to Droid phones

Verizon Wireless approached the company Siri in the fall of 2009, several months before Apple expressed interest in Siri, according to the  Huffington Post. The report noted that Verizon had inked a deal with Siri to make the company's digital personal assistant a default app on all of Verizon's Android phones set to launch in 2010.