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Latest Headlines

Wang: Apple changes course in face of recent innovation struggles

When Apple reports earnings this week, it will once again find itself trying to demonstrate that it has a continued path for big growth. Many eyes will be on iPhone sales (with scrutiny on efforts in China), profit margins and any insights regarding Apple Watch. The market will question whether the iPhone 7 can help Apple break out of an innovation rut. But Apple may have already dropped the biggest hints regarding how it views its near-term innovation potential.

Report: Apple's iOS 10 buggy but promising in public beta

Apple released iOS 10 for public beta testing this week, but the platform may need to spend a little more time in the oven.

Apple's iOS 10: Five key features developers will love

For Apple, iOS 10 represents "the biggest release ever of the world's most advanced mobile operating system." Here are five things that mobile developers need to know about the latest version.

Sling TV boosts UI, adds Siri dictation along with Apple TV availability

Linear OTT streaming service Sling TV unveiled 12 new Viacom channels on Monday, bringing its total available channels (for those willing to pay for every programming bundle) to more than 365. But perhaps more importantly, the Dish Network-owned service took the stage at Apple's WWDC 2016 to announce that the app is available on the fourth-generation Apple TV-- along with Siri voice integration and an updated user interface debuting on the streaming device.

Apple's iOS 10 to enable developers to integrate Siri

As expected, Apple announced at WWDC today that it is opening access to Siri to third-party application developers, enabling them to integrate their wares with the ubiquitous personal assistant. And the move will almost surely be a big step forward for iOS.

Apple's WWDC likely to focus on software rather than gadgetry

Apple's annual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) often focuses on hardware as the company uses its spotlight to showcase its latest new gadgets. But this year's event, which kicks off Monday, will almost surely center on software and services.

IBM's Rod Smith: Voice is the key to 'conversational commerce'

DALLAS-- Consumers and businesspeople are increasingly looking to access information quickly, on the go, and from specific devices. And according to Rod Smith, IBM's vice president of emerging internet technologies, voice is how they want to ask for it.

Siri leads Google Now in usage, study shows

A new study from consumer technology research firm revealed more than half of iPhone owners use Siri voice recognition software, while less than one-third of Android phone owners leverage Google Now.

Ford brings Apple Siri Eyes Free to more than 5M cars

Ford is making Apple Siri Eyes Free available to more than 5 million cars dating back to 2011.

The first thing app developers should do with Facebook M

While the world starts to get to know its new virtual assistant, there's at least one thing app developers can be pretty sure Facebook M won't do: help them to create a more engaging mobile experience.