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Latest Headlines

Crown Castle sees small cell opportunity as big as cell towers in early 2000s

Crown Castle CEO Ben Moreland said the tower company thinks that small cells represent a similar growth opportunity to what the industry saw with regular cell towers in the early 2000s.

ABI Research: Outdoor small cells pose increased security risk

Small cell shipments will exceed macrocells in 2016, and total shipments will reach nearly 15 million units through 2019 according to ABI Research.

Alcatel-Lucent becomes latest beneficiary of Vodafone's Project Spring

Alcatel-Lucent became the latest vendor to benefit from Vodafone's £7 billion (€8.79 billion/$11.97 billion) Project Spring network investment plan, after being picked as the operator's supplier of reference for LTE metro cells that come integrated with Wi-Fi.

AT&T exec: Multi-mode small cells 'are entering carriers' labs now'

Gordon Mansfield, AT&T Mobility's AVP of small-cell solutions, has chaired the Small Cell Forum since September 2012. He recently spoke with  FierceWirelessTech  about the overall small cell market and the development of indoor and outdoor small cells.  Check out this Hot Seat interview.

AT&T's Mansfield proud of persistent pace at Small Cell Forum, remains bullish about industry's roadmap

Just as the small cell industry is coming into its own, with small cells now on most major operators' roadmaps in one form or another, the Small Cell Forum has also matured into a go-to source for operators interested in learning about ways they can put small cells to use to gain coverage, capacity and possibly new revenue streams.

EE hits back at OTT players with voice over Wi-Fi service

EE signalled it is ready to fight over-the-top (OTT) voice over IP (VoIP) services with plans to launch a Wi-Fi-based service later this year, and voice over LTE (VoLTE) in 2015.

AT&T wants 3.5 GHz band divided into sub-bands to promote small cell deployment

AT&T Mobility is recommending that the FCC slice up the 3.5 GHz band into different sub-bands for various classes of users so that AT&T and other licensed spectrum holders can have more certainty in deploying technologies such as small cells in the band.

Madden: The small cell market takes a coffee break

For the past five years, Mobile Experts has been the most conservative analyst firm in the femtocell and small cell market. That's why we were selected to track the market on behalf of the Small Cell Forum. We've predicted flat numbers for femtocells (nailed that one) and we've predicted steady growth in carrier-deployed small cells, which has been accurate through the end of 2013.

EE has small cells on horizon, but LTE still key in near term

EE is preparing to launch small cells in the next two years, but won't let the rollout distract it from expanding its LTE network, the UK operator's principal network architect told FierceWireless:Europe this week.

3 UK: Operators should view growth in data demand as tidal, rather than a tsunami

LONDON--Mobile operators should start considering growing demand for data as a rising tide rather than a tsunami of traffic, Mark Gilmour, transmission strategy and architecture manager for 3 UK said on day two of the Transport Networks for Mobile Operators trade conference.